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In the last months of the year, Dien Bien enters the season of brilliant yellow wild sunflowers. Coming to this land, you can not only see countless beautiful scenes or famous attractions but also enjoy many delicious dishes. It can be said that it is a “privilege” for those who come to Dien Bien. But also because of that, remember to buy delicious dishes as gifts for family members too.

October and November are the most beautiful times of the year to travel to Dien Bien.(Photo: vietskytourism, luxtour)

5 famous specialties of Dien Bien delicious

1. Sausages in the kitchen

If you are still wondering what to buy as a gift when traveling to Dien Bien, the kitchen sausage will also be a great suggestion for you. This is a long-standing traditional dish of the ethnic people living in Dien Bien, made from pureed pork, marinated with some spices then stuffed inside the pig’s young intestine. .

Dien Bien sausage has a wonderfully delicious taste, different from the sausages of many regions.(Photo: amthucvungcao)

– Average price: 250,000 – 280,000 VND/500gr.

– Address: You can find and buy at Dien Bien specialty shops or markets in the town center.

– How to choose to buy delicious kitchen sausages:

You can choose to buy half a kilo or a kilo depending on your needs. If you buy a lot, the price will be cheaper, save quite a bit, so if you love this dish, don’t be afraid to buy a lot. However, remember to choose to buy at reputable addresses and pay more attention to the shelf life and how to store it.

2. Buffalo meat in the kitchen

Speaking of specialties of Dien Bien in particular and specialties of the Northwest in general, one name that cannot be ignored is buffalo meat in the kitchen. The chewy, sweet taste of each fiber of meat has made many guests fall in love.

Although buffalo meat in the kitchen is a rustic dish of the ethnic minorities here, it is not easy to make the right taste. When enjoying buffalo meat in the kitchen, you will feel the rich sweetness of buffalo meat, skillfully blended with many spices to create a wonderfully delicious dish. This always deserves to be a specialty of Dien Bien bought as a gift you cannot ignore.

For a good kitchen buffalo, the meat must be red.(Photo: Farwegotravel)

– Average price: 700,000 – 1,200,000 VND/kg.

– Address: There are many in highland markets in Dien Bien.

– How to choose to buy delicious kitchen buffalo meat:

+ The Northwestern kitchen buffalo meat is usually dark brown in color because it is carefully smoked with charcoal taken from the mountain. When eating, you can feel the natural red meat color inside.

When holding pieces of Northwest buffalo meat, it is not difficult to feel the aroma emanating from the meat, from the delicious and attractive spices.

+ Don’t be greedy for cheap things; Even though the buffalo meat in the kitchen is carefully packed, it still has a strong smell, smelled through the vacuum bag, it still stings the nose.

+ On the information section on the outer shell, there is clear information about the manufacturer, the selling price and the contact phone number.

3. Tua Chua Snow Tea

Speaking of specialties Dien Bien bought as gifts without Tua Chua snow tea, it is extremely regrettable. This type of tea is also known as Tuyet San tea, possessing a delicious delicious taste, making anyone who enjoys it must fall in love.

Tra Tua Chua is likened to the “green gold” of the mountains and forests because of its unique yellow color and tea flavor. Initially, the tea taste from the leaves of perennial forest trees was a bit bitter, but after drinking for a while, the sweet and fragrant tea lingers on the tip of the tongue, creating a specialty of Shan Tuyet tea in the Northwest.

When you first enjoy this tea, you will feel a bit bitter taste, but then, the sweet aroma lingers in your mouth, making it hard for you to forget.(Photo: thaihungdacsantaybac)

– Average price: fresh tea from 12,000 – 15,000 VND/kg; dry tea from 200,000 – 500,000 VND/kg.

– Address: You can find and buy at Dien Bien specialty shops or markets in the town center.

– How to choose to buy good Shan Tuyet Tua Chua tea:

+ Shan Tuyet Tua Chua tea has a characteristic aroma, and iridescent yellow water color, freshly drank tea has a slightly bitter taste of the smell of perennial forest leaves. But after drinking, there is a special sweetness that remains on the tip of the tongue with all the acrid, sweet, and greasy flavors.

Buy at reputable establishments.

4. Diagonal occipital

There are two types of occipitals: wet occipital and dry occipital. Used to dip meat, fish, vegetables, fruits are suitable (especially sour fruits). When eating, people add garlic, chili, pureed ginger and finely chopped coriander to pound. Add sugar to make it sweeter and more flavorful.

Even if people eat, eat raw or rare food, or cook until cooked, it will not hurt their stomach… When not eating, diners feel uncomfortable. familiar with the taste, but once eaten, diners will feel indispensable in the meals. These are the most typical dipping dishes of the Thai people of Dien Bien.

Usually, commercial products will be packaged in small boxes for tourists to buy as gifts and enjoy.(Photo: Vietmountain Travel)

– Average price: A bottle of dry occipital occipital with a weight of 250g costs about 30,000 VND, while wet cross occipital usually fluctuates at 55,000 – 60,000 VND/box.

– Address:

+ Cham cross Ba Dam, Group 6, Thanh Binh Ward, Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien.

+ Hoang Lam ethnic specialties, No. 43 Group 14 Thanh Binh, Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien.

– How to choose to buy delicious octopus:

+ Find and buy at reputable addresses.

5. Wild honey

Northwest forest honey has a special flavor of wild flowers with many uses in medicine and health care. Unlike garden honey, which is available all year round, only different in flower seasons, wild honey is usually exploited from March to mid-June every year.

The price of wild honey is also higher than that of regular varieties.(Photo: meta)

– Average price: about 500,000 VND/liter.

– Address:

+ You can find and buy at Dien Bien specialty shops or markets in the town center.

– How to choose to buy delicious honey:

+ Northwest forest honey has a very different strong aroma, completely different from farmed honey.

+ Characteristic sweetness of honey, very sweet when tasting.

Bile often produces a lot of gas and foam.

+ Wild honey is usually thinner than farmed honey, and the color varies from light yellow to dark black. Depending on the time of mining.

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Từ khoá: 5 attractive specialties of Dien Bien province that you can buy as gifts

Taking 5$ To Walk Around The “Noble” Nguyen Hue Walking Street, What Dishes Can You Eat?

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street has a lot of restaurants with special dishes. However, because it is located in the central district, attracting a large number of tourists, around there are many high-rise buildings and luxurious commercial centers, so the price here is also “slightly” higher than in the city. some other places. But if you know how to choose, if you hold 5$ in your hand, you can still “sweep” 3-4 dishes.

Pan bread 97

Coming to Nguyen Hue walking street, it is impossible to ignore the famous banh mi sandwich. With more than 45 years of experience and delicious taste, 97 pan bread attracts a huge number of customers, selling several hundred pans every day. If you pass by the corner of Mac Thi Buoi Street in the evening, you will see customers eating on the sidewalk.

Photo: Kieu Trinh

Pan bread here is sold with many different combos for you to choose from. A typical part will include a pan with nearly 10 toppings such as omelet, beef, spring rolls, pepper paste, spring rolls, ham, pate, etc. Accompanied by a rather large loaf of bread, which is grilled to a crispy golden color. If you order the most special part, there are also cotton balls, sausages, fish, etc. The beef part of the restaurant is quite soft, seasoned with spices to taste, so the pan bread will not be eaten with the sauce. In addition, each serving will usually have more vegetables, pickles and chili to combat boredom. When enjoying, the sweet and salty taste of the toppings mixed with the fat of the pate and the viscous egg yolk will make you unable to stop eating.

Photo: Cheesie Le, @ansapsaigon

Address: 97 Mac Thi Buoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 18h – 2h next day

Price: 45k – 90k

Daebak Korean style skewers

Located at the corner of Huynh Thuc Khang and Ho Tung Mau streets, a small red cart full of skewers is always crowded with customers waiting to buy. Because the owner of the Daebak skewers is Korean, the taste of the dishes here is quite standard Korean.

Daebak’s menu has a total of 5 dishes: traditional tokbokki, sausage tokbokki, vermicelli roll, fish cake, Gangjeong chicken. The fish cakes here are made quite thick and tough, the food is not powdery, the accompanying soup is also very fragrant with the smell of boaro onions. Particularly, tokbokki sausage will not be eaten with sauce, but will be covered with a layer of sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame, so it is quite mouth-watering. Most of the dishes are pre-prepared, so you won’t have to wait too long when you buy them.

Photo: @ansapsaigon

Address: 117 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 16h – 22h

Price: 25k – 45k VND

Baked rice paper of 2 sisters

If the bread pan and skewers do not fill your stomach, then grilled rice paper will be the next reasonable choice. Although it is just a small stall nestled in a corner on Ngo Duc Ke Street, this place is too “familiar” with the fans of baked rice paper. In addition to the name of the two sisters, people also call it popular rice paper because the price for each is only from 15k.

Photo: @saigonbeo

The amount of topping of each rice paper here is very much, which is quail eggs, minced meat, fried rice, fried onions, cheese, scallions, mayonnaise, chili sauce, etc. All are spread out on the crispy hot rice paper on the top. blister. In addition, before baking, the rice paper will be brushed with a layer of butter to create a characteristic aroma. Just take one bite, the crispy outer layer of rice paper will blend with the sweet and salty taste of the toppings inside, sometimes you have to eat 2 new ones.

Photo: @saigonbeo

Address: 44 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 15h – 23h

Price: 15k – 25k

Singapore Hawker Star Ice Cream

On Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, there are 5 places selling Singapore ice cream, but the first and most authentic place is Hawker Star. Singapore ice cream sandwich is simply a sandwich or sponge cake with a rectangular block of ice cream in the middle, but when you eat it, you will have to enjoy the deliciousness of this dish.

Photo: @canquetsaigon

It is known that the ice cream used by the shop is the famous imported Magnolina ice cream in Singapore for more than 50 years, so when eaten, it has a light fat taste, not too sweet, especially very flexible and not crushed. The ice cream here has a number of flavors such as durian, mango, green tea, chocolate, red bean, etc. You can choose soft rainbow sandwich or crispy sponge cake to sandwich outside the ice cream block. When eaten, the outside cake combined with the cool ice cream inside creates an irresistible taste.

Photo: @canquetsaigon

Address: 66A Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 16h – 22h30

Price: 30k

Tee Milk Cream Mist

Just “eaten” a series of dishes, if your stomach still has room to spare, you should try more milk cream dew that has just appeared on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street a few months ago. According to many people’s assessment, Tee’s flute dew has a moderate consistency, not too soft, when eaten, you will hear a faint smell of herbs. Each portion will include 1 cup of frosting, pre-cut into small cubes, and a box of creamy milkshakes for you to sprinkle on the dew.

Photo: @ruahaman

Besides the milk cream frosting, the shop also sells a number of other water dishes with equally delicious toppings. Because the shop is open until the morning, you can invite your friends to try the dew, drink a glass of water and chat “through the night”.

Photo: @ruahaman

Address: 16 Ton That Thiep, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 13h – 1h next day

Price: 32k – 42k

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Từ khoá: Taking 5$ to walk around the “noble” Nguyen Hue walking street, what dishes can you eat?

This Weekend’s Fun Places For The Hanoi Sisters Association, There Are Places Where You Can Comfortably Take Children With You

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the day approaching the Lunar New Year, relaxing moments at the weekend becomes more and more precious to the sisters. Therefore, instead of being lazily covered with blankets all day, let’s “dress up” beautifully, and join your family and friends to participate in light and exciting experiences at the following locations.

Green Art Studio – Green Art Studio

In Hanoi, when it comes to pottery, everyone must “bounce” quickly to the most famous place, which is Bat Trang pottery village. However, this place is quite far from the city center, it takes at least a full day of experience before it is worthwhile to move.

And if you don’t want to spend too much time and still be “molded”, you should immediately come to the Pottery Factory You DIY. Each turn has only a maximum of 10 people, so the “experts” here “take care” are extremely enthusiastic. They will teach you techniques from kneading, shaping to finished products.

Photo: Ceramic Factory You Do It Yourself – Green Art Studio.

Address: No. 38, lane 141 Nguyen Khang, Cau Giay district.

Time: 9:00 – 17:00, Saturday, Sunday.

Cost: about 250,000 VND/person, the preferential heating fee is only 50,000 VND/product.($1=25,000 VND)

Vietnam Women’s Museum

As a familiar destination for Ikebana lovers, it regularly organizes art flower arranging activities imbued with Japanese culture. However, next week, Ikebana House will open a special workshop to welcome the new year with sisters.

Here, you will be able to make your own Wagashi-Nerikiri cake, with lovely and meaningful cakes around the theme of Tet. These can be mentioned as: the lucky cat, Chung cake, yellow apricot, peach blossom or fireworks, the swallow calling for spring.

Photo: Ikebana House.

Address: Ikebana House, Vietnam – Japan Cultural Exchange Space, 5th floor, Vietnam Women’s Museum, 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hang Bai, Hoan Kiem District.


Session 1: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., January 7, 2023.

Session 2: 14:00 – 17:00, January 15, 2023.

3107 Florist

Photo: 3107 Florist – Flower shop.

Address: 5B Tue Tinh, Hai Ba Trung district.

Time: 08h00 – 20h00 (depending on the appointment of the guest).

Cost: about 500,000 VND – 890,000 VND/person (including all materials, accessories and bringing the product home).

Yen So Park

If you want to be closer to nature, you can take the whole family to Yen So park. With an area of ​​​​more than 300 hectares, including countless lakes and trees, grass, children will be free to run, jump, play sports games. And parents can grill together, sing, enjoy the fresh air, temporarily away from work and crowded city scenes.

In particular, if those who are passionate about camping by car, they must definitely be here on January 7. Because, at Yen So Park, there will be a Vietnam Camping Festival – CampFest. Not only can they admire the types of camping on pickup trucks, SUVs, motorhomes, etc. families can also participate in many interesting competitions with their children such as decorating the farm, painting or playing folklore recreation games.

In addition, within the framework of CampFest, there was also a Car Choice Award gala stage held in the evening with the presence of famous names.

Address: Yen So Park, Gamuda Central, Hoang Mai district.

Time: January 7, 2023.

– CampFest: 9am – 20h30.

– Gala Car Choice Awards 2023: 18h00 – 20h30.

Cost: Free tickets to Yen So park and participate in CampFest activities.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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Từ khoá: This weekend’s fun places for the Hanoi Sisters Association, there are places where you can comfortably take children with you

Nipples Snail – A Dish That Makes Up The Uniqueness Of Con Dao Cuisine

Some features of Nipples snail

Nipples snail is one of the famous specialties of many famous coastal areas of our country. They live on rocky rapids in some places such as Con Dao sea, Cu Lao Cham sea area (Quang Nam), Dai Lanh area at the foot of Co Ma pass in Khanh Hoa … However, according to researchers on biodiversity Con Dao sea is especially suitable for the development of this snail. 

@a_sheng.pt2910 Nipples snail is a rare, spire-shaped marine seafood that often lives in remote islands, near the sea with steep cliffs. The top part has a small colored knob, a gray-black outer shell encircling the inner shell of the snail.@cuongdang99 The size of Nipples snail is normally only about 3 fingers, but Con Dao’s nipples seem a little bit more “small” than other sea areas, the largest one here is also close to the hand. The larger they were, the darker the shell was, the darker the pink color was compared to the smaller Nipples snail. If the shell was rubbed with sand, the snail glowed with a bright pink color and a very beautiful shimmer.@zenpham

From the texture, size, color, snails all evoke the shape of a pair of mounds and a girl full of vitality. So people affectionately call them by their sensuous names: Nipples snail . With the smaller ones, it is said happily, it’s a snail… your breast!

How to catch Nipples snail

Nipples snail in Con Dao – Vung Tau are available all year round and people catch them most on the full moon. Nipples snail live firmly on the wall of coastal rocks, they open their shells for seawater to flow in and carry microorganisms as food for them. Therefore, the snail catcher has to soak in the water, sometimes have to use a lamp to penetrate the rocks, deep rock holes in the cave to “catch” the snails. 

@ hienphuongvp89

If you want to catch the snails, you cannot use your hands, but you have to take a hard knife and a sharp point to separate their mouth from the place on the rock. Snail catching tools are just that, but if you are not good, you can also break the snail.

Processing Nipples snail

In the past, dishes made from her snails were only enjoyed by kings. Later, it became a daily dish of the seafarers. They are very delicious when boiled, grilled or mixed, making a salad.

Her snail dish boiled 

This is considered the most popular item because it is easy to make. With this dish, after being washed, snails put them in a pot with little or no water and then put on the stove to boil. According to gourmets, boiling Nipples snail does not need any water because they have quite a lot of water themselves. While boiling, sometimes you have to open the pot, use the chopsticks to cook the meat well, then take out to cool. After boiling, use a small knife to gently pry the snail meat out of the shell, wash the snail and water it once more. Snail meat from ivory white to yellow is edible.

Nipples snail steamed

@thanhtinhhuynh This dish just needs to be dipped with salt, pepper and lemon, crunchy, sweet. The unique thing about the boiled snail dish is not too fat like meat, not too chewy like oysters, clams, not as small as oysters. If you enjoy the new breast milk, she will feel the aroma, not mixed with any specialties. Snail juice is also attractive because it is both salty and sweet.@ chúng tôi When steamed, we will feel the strongest snail flavor. After cleaning the snail, people put it in the pot with a little bit of soft discharge and lucky water, add a little seasoning and steam it up without contact with water. The steamed snail will release water on its own, until it is soft ripe that it can be eaten. Eating steamed breast snail, you will feel the deliciousness of the meat, the fatness of the meat. Do not put lemon salt like a boiled snail, eat steamed snail, it is dotted with characteristic sweet and sour fish sauce.

Nipples snail salad


Dish salad stains c her breasts with flavor of snail meat sliced mixed with pig skin, bacon chopped, cucumber, cilantro, basil and chopped, ground roasted stamping small, fresh lemon, chilli and fish sauce. This snail salad dish eaten with grilled rice cakes, dotted with ginger fish sauce definitely makes people enjoy unforgettable. It must be said that the dishes made from her snail are delicious thanks to the famous flavor of the fish sauce in Con Dao .

Grilled nipples from Con Dao 

@zoizz She finished baking , smashed the shell into the rock so that the flesh of the snail loosened, and the eaters gently removed it, and dipped it with salt and pepper. The crispy sweet, fragrant, and delicious snail meat is not inferior to expensive exotic snails. Just a little more wine is a small drinking party at the leaf hut along the coast of Con Dao , has flourished like enjoying high seafood in luxury places already. Eating her snail grilled with onion fat is really delicious, when you feel the fat, sweet fragrance from the snail meat.@ca_ndybobo

In addition to baking, steaming, making salad, her snails can also be fried with garlic and butter. With this dish, the aromatic garlic aroma sticks to the snail meat, the fresh and sweet taste from the snail together with the aromatic garlic flavor, the fat leopard flavor of the oil makes you just eat once to crush this specialty Con Dao .

Internet photo collection For her snail sautéed butter , butter is stir-fried with the snail, adding a little chili, sugar, and wafers on a hot pan. The sweetness of the snail together with the spices creates a fatty, spicy, sweet, and savory grilled thing with extremely attractive bread.Internet photo collection

Coming to Con Dao, you must definitely enjoy the dishes from Nipples snail to feel the rare interesting from the “delicious taste” of the sea!

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Từ khoá: Nipples snail – a dish that makes up the uniqueness of Con Dao cuisine

What Secret Makes 9X Girl Sell 10,000 Boxes Of Crab Soup “Fast As Lightning”

Southern taste

Not only investing in dishes, but Huyen is also important in how to serve customers so that it is unique and close (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Before selling, the crab soup shop on Vo Van Tan Street (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) had 2 or 3 people queuing to buy the first hot soup. This soup shop was opened 4 years ago, through the skillful hands of two sisters Nguyen Huyen and Nguyen Thi Bich Phuong (both 33 years old).

Diners here are mostly “gut” customers, eating from the time the soup shop starts with simple ingredients. Many people not only love the bold Southern flavor but are also impressed with the “strange” service of the two owners.

“We split up, each person stood to sell for a week. Many people who had just eaten for the first time were also surprised, and thought they were going to the wrong shop. But then they supported even more because they liked the way we talked and had customers. He also considers the shop owner as a close friend,” Huyen said.

At 7am every day, Huyen gets up early to cook soup. The ingredients were meticulously prepared by her the night before. The above quantity can sell 300 meals, especially on weekends and holidays, Ms. Huyen sells non-stop, serving more than the above-mentioned number.

Before the goods were ready, many diners came to buy crab soup with a “strange” taste (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

“When it first opened for sale, the shop was not crowded because there was nothing special. After about a month, I thought of the botanical quail eggs, many young people found it strange, so they came to try it and became “familiar friends” 4 last year,” said the shopkeeper with a smile.

From 8 am, diners have come to the soup, making Ms. Huyen constantly scoop up the soup. The dish ranges from 22,000 to 55,000 VND depending on the topping, the most expensive will be full of crabs, botanical duck eggs, regular quail and herbs, etc.

Learning the secret from her sister, Huyen knows how to measure flour, keep the fire so that the consistency of the soup is perfect. Diners when eating will feel the sweetness, then the salty and then the slightly spicy taste of chili. Botanical eggs are not too strong, but still retain the rich flavor.

Diners said that they like the soup here because it retains the consistency of water. The crab meat is not mushy, and the herbal eggs are not too hot (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Instead of bone stew like other shops, the crab soup here is stewed according to Huyen’s own secret. Not only that, many people “love” herbal duck eggs but can’t eat them all, can choose to eat herbal quail eggs. Huyen said that this is the ingredient she was introduced to by a friend, also the “secret” of the restaurant’s customers.

“The shop sold on the delivery app is the majority, but there are still regular customers and tourists who come to eat often. If I see anyone in difficulty, I will actively scoop a little more so that they can be full,” Huyen confided. White.

Instead of having to eat all the botanical duck eggs, diners can choose to eat quail eggs to reduce the taste, chew crunchy for fun (Nguyen Vy).

Previously, Huyen moved the premises because the space was not enough to serve guests. Huyen was the first to open a sale in a small alley. Seeing that trading is expensive, many households around also started selling crab soup like Huyen. However, due to not having a unique secret, many shops had to “give up” to the first crab soup shop in the alley.

From wandering the market to the owner of the soup shop

Previously, Nguyen Huyen graduated in Accounting and worked for a few years at the company. Seeing the boring job, salary “three piles, three dong”, Huyen decided to open a bakery and sell it to acquaintances. However, without the knowledge and understanding of this field, the technology at that time was not yet developed, so it was difficult for Huyen to expand the brand.

Saving a small amount of money when selling cakes, Huyen followed her sister to learn how to cook soup and then invited acquaintances to try it. At first, her family was quite surprised when Huyen quit her stable job to start a business. But after tasting Huyen’s soup, everyone understood why.

Understanding the hardships of her parents, Huyen took it as a motivation to try (Photo: Nguyen Vy).

Starting everything with a capital of 6 million dong, Huyen worked hard in business regardless of rain or shine. From zero, Huyen has now become a soup shop owner with an income many people dream of.

The 9X girl confided that all of the above efforts came from the hardships and hardships that Huyen and her parents had experienced. Huyen’s mother was from Dong Nai, and she fell in love with her father and moved to Ho Chi Minh City to settle down.

Thirty years ago, the family was poor, Huyen’s mother was pregnant with her first child, but still had to ride a bicycle to carry pig intestines for termites in the market. Not long after that, she gave birth to Huyen, but her life was not very well off. Huyen slept in the car, roamed the market with her parents to hope to escape poverty.

Many people passing by felt hurt and bought support. Huyen’s parents have a gentle and open personality, so they are also more popular, gradually building a stable shop. By the time the second child was born, it was normal for a sales establishment to sell only a few pigs a day, now selling several hundred.

Although life is hard, Huyen’s parents still take care of their children to go to school. As the eldest of two younger brothers, Huyen was the first and only child to witness the family’s poverty. Sometimes being a girl should feel sorry for herself, Huyen quickly calmed down because she was grateful for the merits of her parents.

“My parents are the people who inspire and motivate me a lot. Both of them are always supportive no matter what I do, sometimes they are worried because they understand how hard it is to start a business. Just sell slower than today. After only a few parts, parents know and comfort them,” Huyen confided.

Remembering the first time when it was not crowded, sometimes Huyen wanted to give up. In a day of selling from 7am to 10pm without running out of soup, Huyen wanted to cry because she was so helpless. At that time, when Huyen’s parents passed by, they immediately “bought” a pot of soup to give to family members to eat.

Many people questioned why Huyen did not come back to work for the family company, the girl quickly laughed and explained: “I myself want to walk on my own feet, to better understand the hardships of my parents when Besides, the job of making pigs’ hearts is too hard, I think I would be suitable for another job.”

In the near future, the 9X girl plans to open another branch to serve many diners who want to eat on the spot.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Hợp Phạm

Từ khoá: What secret makes 9X girl sell 10,000 boxes of crab soup “fast as lightning”

10 Traditional Craft Villages Of Can Tho – An Impressive Cultural Tourist Destination

Explore the old and idyllic traditional craft villages of Can Tho 1. Thoi Long weaving village

Located not too far from the city center, this village is famous for its weaving – specialized tools to catch fish, shrimp or eel, … familiar to the people of the South West. All year round, people are accustomed to living with the profession, but in the flood season from July to October every year, this place is more bustling and crowded. Because at this time, people in the Mekong River Delta begin the harvest and fishing season. Demand is great so everyone has to hurry up to keep up with orders.

Wicker village – familiar items for people in the South West

Having the opportunity to come to this traditional craft village , you will admire the peaceful scenery of the simple leaf houses, everywhere filled with bamboo. People here live for a long time from grandparents to parents, descendants. Therefore, their hands are extremely skillful quickly but still ensure meticulousness and sophistication in each product. Watching them go through each step from splitting, knitting, weaving, … until the finished products are assembled, we can see how hard and respect this traditional profession is.

– Address: Thoi Long commune, O Mon district, Can Tho.

>> See more: Can Tho tourist information in detail

2. Thuan Hung Rice Paper Village

Meticulous hand-made pots serve the lives of people in the river

About Thot Not, do not forget to visit the village of making rice paper with a tradition of more than 200 years. Initially, it was served by a few sellers on Tet holiday, thanks to its special taste, the good news spread far away. Therefore, there are now hundreds of rice paper production facilities with different types such as: savory cakes, crackers, coconut rice paper, … Not only that, despite passing through many generations, still retains its soul. from quality to irresistible nutty taste.

Photo: @baocanthoonline

Although there are many rice paper production places, this traditional craft village in Can Tho still develops its own craft. People are diligent in choosing rice. Rice has been around for a while, not too new or old. Then, mix the flour and bring it to grind in a certain ratio so that the powder is smooth. Add a pinch of salt to make it bold and coated. When drying, how to make the cake be intact, not torn, warped or too soft,… so that a delicious rice paper cake will not fade over time.

– Address: Thuan Hung commune, Thot Not district, Can Tho.

3. Thoi Nhut flower village

Photo: chúng tôi vibrant flower village famous throughout the region is also one of the tourist destinations that you should not miss. It is also called Ba Bo flower village, which is famous for growing flowers and ornamental plants. At this point, you will be lost in the colorful sparkling scene of all kinds of flowers such as apricot, chrysanthemum, coin, confetti, … Especially, every Tet comes, the scene becomes more cheerful. and more bustling when everyone dressed themselves in beautiful clothes to come here to record the memorable moment

– Address: An Binh ward, Ninh Kieu district, Can Tho city.

4. The craft village stared conical hats 

Photo: jetstarpacificThis is an attractive check-in place that you cannot ignore when coming to Can Tho

Unlike Bai Tho hat from Hue or the North, this traditional village of Cần Thơ is famous for its conical hat made from honey and bamboo leaves. Because each tree only gives one young leaf to make it very rare, in addition to its smooth touch, durable wearing, many people love it. From different types of hats such as: bronze hats, outing hats, … are made meticulously and meticulously at each stage. Contains the enthusiasm of the employee placed in each needle thread.

– Address: Ap Thoi Thuan A, Thoi Lai town, Thoi Lai district, Can Tho city.

5. Thom Net Village

The village of making conical hats is long-standing but still retains the beauty of traditional homelandPhoto: @Pinterest

Coming to this craft village in Thot Not district, you can not only immerse yourself in the idyllic landscape of the village, but also learn about interesting nets. People are meticulous and quick to weave so the nets are sturdy, durable and especially easy to catch fish. The product is popular throughout the southwestern region, so this has become a main profession that feeds many families for generations in this village. Not only that, they are also sold to Cambodia with big orders.

– Address: Tan Hung ward, Thot Not district, city. Can Tho.

6. Ba Rich Confectionery Village

Knitting nets make a familiar item in the farmer’s lifePhoto: @Pinterest

Among the traditional craft villages in Can Tho, this attractive destination cannot be missed. The trade village with many famous and famous confectionery brands is processed by delicious handmade methods established by the Chinese people more than 60 years ago. The number of diverse and quality models such as: hemp cake, cream sponge cake, sandwiches, sesame cakes, … are sold everywhere and are loved by people. Do not forget to come here to visit the production process and enjoy on the spot.

– Address: Thoi Hoa, Thoi An ward, O Mon district, city. Can Tho

7. Cai Chanh mat weaving village

Photo: @thamhiemmekongThe delicious sweets are handcrafted not inferior to foreign goods

Although appearing later, but coming to this traditional craft village, you can still find peaceful corners to enjoy. People diligently weave flower mats to beautify life. From the beginning of the village, one can see all kinds of colors of stained or stained filaments and dried to weave a familiar mat. The mat here is beautiful, durable and cheap, so it is still favored by people everywhere. Currently, the profession is fading away, but enthusiastic people still stick to and preserve the tradition of the homeland.

– Address: Thuong Thanh ward, city. Can Tho. About 3 km from the center of Cai Rang district.

8. Longquan folk toy-making village

Photo: @kiemkedisanThe idyllic life where the mats is produced is still preserved through many generations

Western tourists  want to find a peaceful corner to relive with beautiful memories of small days, do not forget to visit this traditional toy-making village. When life develops, too many modern games, there are still diligent people making toy animals by hand. Not only visit and learn the stages to do, but you can also make your own product according to your liking. Immerse yourself in the idyllic and serene atmosphere in this beautiful countryside.

– Address: Long Tuyen ward, Binh Thuy district, Can Tho city

9. Traditional craft villages make rice noodles in Cai Rang

– Address: Cai Rang district, Can Tho city.

10. Yen Ha knitting craft village

Tourists coming to the village of making noodle soup learn about how to make a familiar specialty dishAfter visiting, stop by the floating market in Cai Rang to enjoy a bowl of fragrant noodles

For people in the Mekong Delta region, knitting items play an important role in daily life. From using in agriculture to even holding the ceremony to go to the temple during festivals. This traditional craft village of Can Tho specializes in making products from natural and environmentally friendly materials, so many people choose to buy and use. In addition to the baskets or baskets, there are now a variety of souvenir products for you to buy as souvenirs.

– Address: Ham village, Yen Ha village, Le Binh ward, Cai Rang district, Can Tho city.

Bamboo baskets and baskets are still produced by people in Yen Ha village to serve peopleThe hands were wrinkled but still knitting baskets daily

It is one of the most dynamically developing cities in the country, attracting many tourists. In addition to the famous scenic spots, virtual live check-in locations, do not forget to visit the traditional craft villages of Can Tho  to learn more about the culture and beauty that the people here strive to preserve. generations. Enjoy a peaceful life and bring you delicious and beautiful gifts after a meaningful trip.

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