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Travel experience at Ca Shark Cape Overview of Shark Nose

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The right time to travel to Ca Shark Cape

Overview of Shark Nose

When should you travel to Shark Cape? A typical feature of Mui Ca Map, Con Dao is sea tourism, so the summer from May to September is always the best tourist season . Because at this time the weather is clear, with warm sunshine, very suitable for traveling to the sea and participating in recreational activities at the beach. However, to ensure a smooth trip, you should still preview the weather forecast before going to Shark Cape. Because storms often happen in summer, if you do not follow the weather forecast carefully, and unfortunately get caught in the rain, it will greatly affect your journey to explore Shark Cape .

How to move to Shark Nose

The right time to travel to Ca Shark Cape

Shark Cape is located right on Dam Ben Road and close to Bai Nhat beach, so finding Ca Map Cape is not too difficult. If you are in Con Dao, you can depart from Cau Tau 914, go south, along Dam station for more than 7km to reach Ca Map Cape.

Note: According to the travel experience of Cape Shark, it is self-sufficient and convenient , on the way to the Shark Cape, you should ask the local people around here to avoid getting lost and can find the Cape Shark as fast as possible, to save travel time.

What is Shark Cape Tourism?

Not only is a famous tourist destination in Con Dao , but Mui Ca Shark is also recognized by Travel and Leisure magazine as one of the 20 most mysterious islands in the world. Because besides the wild beauty, Shark Cape also records many ups and downs of Vietnam in ancient times. Visitors coming here not only can explore nature, but also have the opportunity to learn more clearly the history of Vietnam through famous sightseeing places such as:

Con Dao Museum: A place to store many artifacts from the nation’s heroic years and the documents of Vietnamese national heroes. Besides, coming here you will also have a chance to better understand the history of the country.

Phu Hai Prison: Built by the French in the late nineteenth century and is a place to keep prisoners, including patriotic soldier Phan Chu Trinh.

Hang Duong cemetery: Visitors should come here to offer incense to commemorate the national heroes who gave their life to the country, especially the grave of the national heroine Vo Thi Sau with many stages. mysterious epiphany.

Pier 914: A place where hundreds of thousands of prisoners are recorded in exile.

Pier 914 Con Dao

Travel experience about Mui Ca Shark should go, what to play? Coming to Shark Nose, the first thing you will be immersed in the wild natural space, fresh air, comfortable, creating a sense of relaxation. Far away is the clear blue sea, cool, long stretches of sand, smooth white, visitors can go swimming and participate in activities here such as camping, BBQ at the beach, watching the sunset. and especially watching the sunrise is the most interesting experience in Cape Shark that is most popular . All this makes any visitor here also full of praise and do not want to leave at all.

In particular, Shark Cape has not been strongly exploited in tourism, has not been affected much by human hands, so this place still retains its inherent pristine beauty. Coming to Shark Cape, you will feel the peaceful, rustic and strangely idyllic beauty, an island associated with the history of bombs in Vietnam, yet extremely close, friendly to nature. .

What to eat when traveling to Shark Cape

The natural beauty of Shark Nose

As mentioned above, Ca Map Cape is still quite unspoiled island, not yet developed many tourism services. Therefore, if you want to enjoy food and specialties in Con Dao, you will have to move quite far, to the city center or famous nearby places to buy food. Some delicious and attractive dishes at Con Dao Shark Point you should enjoy such as: Her snail dish, red lobster, oyster sauce, grilled fish with foil, squid, almond seed jam, …

Red Lobster – Delicious dish at Shark Nose

However, those who have previous travel experience in Cape Shark shared that, most visitors come here often bring their own food and organize their meals, camping right on the beach, bringing many experiences. memorable and much more interesting. However, after eating, remember to clean up the trash, to keep the general hygiene, as well as not make a bad impression on tourists.

With its peaceful beauty, Shark Cape is always a favorite destination for tourists. And with the full and detailed information and travel experiences above, we hope to help you have a smooth trip and have more wonderful experiences.

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Từ khoá: Hold his hand to watch the sunrise at the Cape of Con Dao

Nipples Snail – A Dish That Makes Up The Uniqueness Of Con Dao Cuisine

Some features of Nipples snail

Nipples snail is one of the famous specialties of many famous coastal areas of our country. They live on rocky rapids in some places such as Con Dao sea, Cu Lao Cham sea area (Quang Nam), Dai Lanh area at the foot of Co Ma pass in Khanh Hoa … However, according to researchers on biodiversity Con Dao sea is especially suitable for the development of this snail. 

@a_sheng.pt2910 Nipples snail is a rare, spire-shaped marine seafood that often lives in remote islands, near the sea with steep cliffs. The top part has a small colored knob, a gray-black outer shell encircling the inner shell of the snail.@cuongdang99 The size of Nipples snail is normally only about 3 fingers, but Con Dao’s nipples seem a little bit more “small” than other sea areas, the largest one here is also close to the hand. The larger they were, the darker the shell was, the darker the pink color was compared to the smaller Nipples snail. If the shell was rubbed with sand, the snail glowed with a bright pink color and a very beautiful shimmer.@zenpham

From the texture, size, color, snails all evoke the shape of a pair of mounds and a girl full of vitality. So people affectionately call them by their sensuous names: Nipples snail . With the smaller ones, it is said happily, it’s a snail… your breast!

How to catch Nipples snail

Nipples snail in Con Dao – Vung Tau are available all year round and people catch them most on the full moon. Nipples snail live firmly on the wall of coastal rocks, they open their shells for seawater to flow in and carry microorganisms as food for them. Therefore, the snail catcher has to soak in the water, sometimes have to use a lamp to penetrate the rocks, deep rock holes in the cave to “catch” the snails. 

@ hienphuongvp89

If you want to catch the snails, you cannot use your hands, but you have to take a hard knife and a sharp point to separate their mouth from the place on the rock. Snail catching tools are just that, but if you are not good, you can also break the snail.

Processing Nipples snail

In the past, dishes made from her snails were only enjoyed by kings. Later, it became a daily dish of the seafarers. They are very delicious when boiled, grilled or mixed, making a salad.

Her snail dish boiled 

This is considered the most popular item because it is easy to make. With this dish, after being washed, snails put them in a pot with little or no water and then put on the stove to boil. According to gourmets, boiling Nipples snail does not need any water because they have quite a lot of water themselves. While boiling, sometimes you have to open the pot, use the chopsticks to cook the meat well, then take out to cool. After boiling, use a small knife to gently pry the snail meat out of the shell, wash the snail and water it once more. Snail meat from ivory white to yellow is edible.

Nipples snail steamed

@thanhtinhhuynh This dish just needs to be dipped with salt, pepper and lemon, crunchy, sweet. The unique thing about the boiled snail dish is not too fat like meat, not too chewy like oysters, clams, not as small as oysters. If you enjoy the new breast milk, she will feel the aroma, not mixed with any specialties. Snail juice is also attractive because it is both salty and sweet.@ chúng tôi When steamed, we will feel the strongest snail flavor. After cleaning the snail, people put it in the pot with a little bit of soft discharge and lucky water, add a little seasoning and steam it up without contact with water. The steamed snail will release water on its own, until it is soft ripe that it can be eaten. Eating steamed breast snail, you will feel the deliciousness of the meat, the fatness of the meat. Do not put lemon salt like a boiled snail, eat steamed snail, it is dotted with characteristic sweet and sour fish sauce.

Nipples snail salad


Dish salad stains c her breasts with flavor of snail meat sliced mixed with pig skin, bacon chopped, cucumber, cilantro, basil and chopped, ground roasted stamping small, fresh lemon, chilli and fish sauce. This snail salad dish eaten with grilled rice cakes, dotted with ginger fish sauce definitely makes people enjoy unforgettable. It must be said that the dishes made from her snail are delicious thanks to the famous flavor of the fish sauce in Con Dao .

Grilled nipples from Con Dao 

@zoizz She finished baking , smashed the shell into the rock so that the flesh of the snail loosened, and the eaters gently removed it, and dipped it with salt and pepper. The crispy sweet, fragrant, and delicious snail meat is not inferior to expensive exotic snails. Just a little more wine is a small drinking party at the leaf hut along the coast of Con Dao , has flourished like enjoying high seafood in luxury places already. Eating her snail grilled with onion fat is really delicious, when you feel the fat, sweet fragrance from the snail meat.@ca_ndybobo

In addition to baking, steaming, making salad, her snails can also be fried with garlic and butter. With this dish, the aromatic garlic aroma sticks to the snail meat, the fresh and sweet taste from the snail together with the aromatic garlic flavor, the fat leopard flavor of the oil makes you just eat once to crush this specialty Con Dao .

Internet photo collection For her snail sautéed butter , butter is stir-fried with the snail, adding a little chili, sugar, and wafers on a hot pan. The sweetness of the snail together with the spices creates a fatty, spicy, sweet, and savory grilled thing with extremely attractive bread.Internet photo collection

Coming to Con Dao, you must definitely enjoy the dishes from Nipples snail to feel the rare interesting from the “delicious taste” of the sea!

Đăng bởi: Nguyễn Văn Cừ

Từ khoá: Nipples snail – a dish that makes up the uniqueness of Con Dao cuisine

Con Dao Travel – Check In Super Virtual At The Wild And Exciting Hon Tai

Name meaning of Hon Tai

Hon Tai, also known as Hon Phu Binh, is one of the places that still retains the inherent wild features that nature bestows. However, why this island is called with the name Hon Tai, not all Con Dao tourists know. Before exploring this place, let’s find out what the meaning of that name is!

Behind the name Hon Tai is a long story

According to many people have told that in the old days on this island there were two identical twins that no one could distinguish. The two children were named Dang Phong Tai (brother) and Dang Trac Van (younger brother). When he went to the island to live, his brother Tai was married to a beautiful daughter named Dao Minh Nguyet and not long after that, his younger brother Van also reunited. Once, the sister-in-law mistook Van for her husband, so she kissed him and took care of him like her husband. Van explained and apologized to her sister-in-law. But there was another time, whether accidentally or intentionally, her sister-in-law gave Van a kiss. Van apologized again and determined to leave to another island to live because she did not want to live immorally morally.

On returning, when the person I knew about, he immediately went to find you but did not meet again. Mr. Tai left another island to live, so he later called the island where he lived as Hon Tai, and where his brother lived was Hon Trac.

Explore amazing nature in Hon Tai

What is mysterious also has a strange attraction. And Con Dao tourism at Hon Tai also makes many tourists surprised and attracted by the amazing nature. Hon Tai possesses an extremely rich marine ecosystem like a colorful aquarium. Rare and precious animals such as sea birds, monkeys, pigeon species, …

In Hon Tai, there is an extremely diverse and mysterious ecosystem that people want to explore

In particular, in Hon Tai there are unique coral reefs that you may not have seen with your own eyes once in your life. Clear blue skies, fresh air and immense sea water are the ideal conditions for us to live fully with nature.

Some activities not to be missed in Hon Tai when traveling to Con Dao

The first is to definitely drop yourself in the clear blue water to swim in the sea. Do not forget to prepare beautiful clothes and a great camera to take funny pictures at sea.

Windy sea post dispels all worries in life Second, you also cannot miss diving activities to see coral at Hon Tai when traveling to Con Dao . The colorful coral reefs and meandering with marine creatures are like being in an aquarium. The unique coral reefs will be difficult to see elsewhere so do not miss chúng tôi in the aquarium with colorful coral reefs in Hon Tai Third, an activity that probably not everyone has the chance to experience is watching turtles lay eggs. To have this memorable moment, you need to have patience with a little luck. Usually the turtles lay eggs in June to September. This time, if you have the opportunity you will see firsthand the beautiful little turtles come out of their shells and be more fortunate to be able to release the turtles with the island rangers. sea. Many tourists recall that at that time they were touched when they felt the very strong aspiration to live of all chúng tôi turtle eggs were first seenAnd also for the first and lucky time to release turtles into the sea

Spending time traveling in Con Dao to explore Hon Tai , perhaps just through these descriptive lines is not enough. Experience firsthand to see all the excitement and emotions of the first times: first time seeing corals, first time watching turtles lay eggs, …!

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Từ khoá: Con Dao Travel – Check in super virtual at the wild and exciting Hon Tai

A Couple Of Close Friends Only Brought… 0,5$ From Hanoi To Thai Binh To Watch The Infinity Sea

Travel is something you have to spend money to buy but it makes you richer.

So what have you BEEN from your travels?

– The journey of change and self-development.

– The trip connects family, and friends, and heals relationships.

– Enrich life experience, and knowledge about the land.

– The gift of health, healing both physically and mentally.

– The process of giving and receiving love, inspiring positive living for the community.

Follow the topic Interest Travel to listen, discover and be inspired through the open, colorful lens of moving hearts.

Character: Le Thi Phuong

Was born 2000

From: Hanoi

Believe it or not, my best friend and I just made a trip from Hanoi to Thai Binh to see the infinity sea (Thuy Xuan beach in Thai Thuy, Thai Binh) “in legend” but in our pocket, we only had a small amount of money. full… 10,000 dongs.

Two daughters, in their 20s and with great recklessness and determination. We decided to go in the night without much preparation. Let me tell you guys…

As a travel blogger myself, I really want to explore new destinations, partly because of work, partly because of passion and hobby. I have watched a lot of pictures and videos about the infinity sea in Thai Binh, but due to the school schedule, I have not been able to arrange the time to go.

That night, I was surfing the net as usual when I came across videos about the infinity sea in Thai Binh. I suddenly thought, would it be better to stop, just stay at home and stay restless.

Before leaving, I also asked a few friends, including a guy from Thai Binh. He said that if you want to go to the infinity sea, you have to watch the water level and tide. If the tide is high, you can’t go, and if the tide is low, it’s okay.

After listening, I immediately went to an electronic software and checked the tides in the infinity sea the next day. Fortunately, the water level is ideal. And so at exactly 11 o’clock at night, I decided to pack my backpack and go.

I myself have been quite a professional backpacker when riding motorbikes to many provinces and cities across the country.(Photos from another trip)

The idea for the trip was that I came up, and as usual, I asked my best friend to come along. My best friend is very easygoing, I invite him wherever I go, and he always agrees.

At exactly 1 a.m., the two of them were on a familiar motorbike, following the google map. Going so early because I have consulted online, the best time to watch the infinity sea will be at dawn, early morning. From Hanoi to Thai Binh will take about 2-3 hours depending on the speed, so I decided to stay up and wait for 1 hour to go.

From the time of deciding to go to the time of starting the engine is only 2 hours. The luggage we brought was only a backpack, a few clothes inside and exactly 100,000 VND.

Trong 100.000đ mang theo đó, mình đã dùng tới 90.000đ, gần như toàn bộ số tiền để đổ xăng. Và thế là còn đúng 10.000đ dắt túi từ Hà Nội về tới Thái Bình.

It is also very fortunate that during the journey, I did not encounter any problems, otherwise I would give up, because 10,000 VND can’t do anything.

Fortunately, because I have a lot of experience in traveling by motorbike, night driving is not too difficult for me. We just follow the instructions of google map, go forever, go forever. Then after about 3 hours, we also reached the destination – Infinity Sea, Thai Binh.

Infinity sea – Thuy Xuan beach in Thai Thuy, Thai Binh at dawn and in the morning.

When they got there, the last 0,5$ left in their pocket also spent all the balls. 5000 VND to buy water, the remaining 5000 VND to park the motorbike, then we walk to see the sea.

The infinity sea is indeed very beautiful but requires the walker to walk quite a distance. Because near the sea, there will initially be an area of ​​mangrove forest, which is still not very infinity. Need to go far from the shore, out of sight of the mangrove forest, the scenery will be extremely beautiful.

It took me about 40 minutes to walk to the photo areas. However, the road is like going to transplant is real. Imagine how we wade in the fields, that’s how we went that day. Surrounded by mud, splashed all over clothes, limbs. Fortunately, because I brought spare clothes, when I went out there, there were no people, my friend covered me so that I could “transform”.

Me and my friend literally got muddy hands and feet while walking in the infinity sea.

But fortunately still remember to bring clothes to change and take pictures of “virtual life”.

On most of the trips, my best friend and I always go together. Not because my friend does the same job as me, nor because he is a kid who loves to travel. But simply because it’s my best friend.

Most of the photos and videos of my travels are made by a close friend.

I remember the time we went to Buon Ma Thuot together, the two of us had a small accident, rode a motorbike and crashed into a dog. Although the injury was not too severe, his friend even suffered temporary memory loss.

Waking up after the fall, it vaguely remembers where it is. When I asked, it still remembers personal information, who I am, who my parents are, but absolutely does not remember why I and it are here. Then the scratches on the face, on the limbs, every time he passed the mirror and saw it, he asked himself why they appeared.

At that time, I was confused, confused and loved my friend. The two of them went through a 10-day journey to the Central Highlands, but on the 8th and 9th day, he forgot all the beautiful memories of the past days.

After researching online and then taking it to the pharmacy and asking carefully, I felt more secure because everyone said that after 24 hours, such memory loss would go away. And it is true that the next day, after waking up for a while, everything went back to normal.

And so we’ve been playing together for 7-8 years so far. I often joke that, even though we play for a long time and are close to each other, the two of us are always fighting and happy with each other anytime, anywhere, even when we are traveling together. But I have to admit that, if I don’t go with it, my trip will feel like something is missing.

The rare photo we took together when we were traveling, it was the one we just fell over in Buon Ma Thuot.

There were times when the two of them also quarreled, but through the quarrels and anger, it didn’t take long, the two of them laughed and planned the next trip.

Through the trips, in addition to new experiences, new challenges, new relationships, dishes from all over the world, I am sure that what I gain is friendship!

Going back a bit about the story of the infinity sea in Thai Binh, if you or your family intend to go on this 2/9 holiday, you should reconsider. Because I checked through the electronic application, I found that from September 1 to September 6, all mornings according to the tide calendar, the water is high. So it will not be possible to go and enjoy the beauty here.

Here is the tide schedule I view on the electronic application for your reference:

photo: Internet

Đăng bởi: Phạm Thị Thu Trang

Từ khoá: A couple of close friends only brought… 0,5$ from Hanoi to Thai Binh to watch the infinity sea

At The End Of The Year, Experience The Extremely Fruity Purple Breast Milk Garden In Can Tho, While Eating And Picking Fruit To Bring Back


Phong Dien is a district under the territory of Can Tho city, the eastern borders with Ninh Kieu and Cai Rang districts, the West borders with Thoi Lai district, the South borders with Hau Giang province, the northern borders with Binh Thuy district and the North. O Mon. So it can be said that Phong Dien is one of the favorite tourist destinations because it is easy to find and from here can also conveniently move to many other places to experience the garden culture or visit the market. floating – is also an indispensable feature of this land.

The green garden of milkweed is full of fruit at 9 Hong fruit garden.

However, Phong Dien has long been famous as the land of the largest and most diverse fruit gardens in Can Tho. Favorable by the climate, soil and experience handed down from many years of family cultivation, making fruits such as ox skin longan, durian, mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit turmeric,… But Every year in December, the dairy garden in Phong Dien is visited by many people, especially this year in the Western region, it has a very good harvest and is supported by businesses to export to the US at a high price. for high quality. This is both good news for gardeners, farmers and domestic tourists, coming to the place to enjoy this delicious, ripe fruit is something that cannot be missed.

So how to enter the dairy garden in Phong Dien?

In Can Tho, there are over 1,600 ha of milkweed, of which 1,075 ha in Phong Dien district alone, with many households and many gardens cultivating for many years. However, not all garden houses are open to outside guests to visit and experience. So to find it, people need to find out through travel agencies or try to visit the two nurseries “9 Hong” and “Rach Ke” that we are about to introduce.

Information to know when visiting the dairy garden

Prices are divided into 3 categories:

1. Entrance fee: 50k/person (not allowed to pick fruit in the garden).

2. Tickets to visit + pick and eat at the garden: 100k/person

3. Picking up breast milk at the garden to bring back as a gift: 25k/kg (the best kind of breast milk in the garden).

To move here is best by motorbike to be able to see the green gardens running along both sides of the road and should choose the time from 8 to 15 pm to experience as much as possible.

These orchards are open to tourists mainly to visit, experience the feeling of seeing the milkweed tree firsthand and pick it up and bring it home as a gift. However, the quality of the breast milk is still carefully managed and cared for by the gardener, reaching the same standard as the take-out products on the market.

Seeing the milkweed tree and picking fruit on the spot is one of the interesting experiences when coming to the West.

According to the owner of 9 Hong fruit garden, the milkweed trees here are nearly 20 years old. Every season, the whole garden is always fruitful and there are both types of white rice milk and purple milk tea with a very large number kept on the tree to ensure the best feeling when visitors come.

“Every day, people go around the garden to harvest ripe fruit from the tree and bring it out to sell. However, we still make sure to keep the fruit on the tree to create a landscape for visitors. as well as the experience of hand-picking and bringing back. Because everyone when they come here, everyone wants to see the fruit garden, not picking them all and collecting entrance fees,” said Uncle Chin, owner of 9 Hong garden. . That is also one of the reasons why this fruit garden is famous for tourists from all over the world, not only in the breast milk season but also in other fruit seasons such as mulberry, rambutan, longan, etc.

With the fruits lying on high, there will be someone to help pick them up if you want to buy them as gifts.

Also according to Uncle Chin’s share, this year the number of visitors to the garden is higher than previous years. “In the years when the Covid epidemic broke out, the fruit in the garden sold to traders for a low price. This year tourism developed again, right on the occasion of the harvest season, so we are also excited, not just visitors. “.

Experience picking fruit in the garden

Purple milk this year is extremely good season. And although they are not as sweet as white breast milk, their thin shell and thick rice make them very popular with many people.

When buying and taking home, you will be provided with a foam box and carefully lined by the gardener to help the milkweed fruit go away and not be damaged during the move.

According to the psychology of many people, coming to this garden is mainly to see and experience the fruit garden of the West. And if you buy it to take home, it’s best to go to the market because the fruit is delicious, the good fruit has been picked and sold by the gardener, not leaving the garden to do anything.

Breast milk is currently being sold at the garden at the price of 25k/kg, so choose to buy the still green fruits if your travel time is long, or choose the ripe ones if you want to enjoy them right at the garden.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

Đăng bởi: Hà Trịnh

Từ khoá: At the end of the year, experience the extremely fruity purple breast milk garden in Can Tho, while eating and picking fruit to bring back

Three Days Of Relaxation In Nha Trang On The Occasion Of The Death Anniversary Of The Ancestors

On the anniversary of the death anniversary (April 9-11), many places are not too crowded, the resorts are also free of charge on the occasion of April 30 and May 1. Here are suggestions to experience Nha Trang in 3 days for young families.

Where to stay?

The resort in Cam Ranh is about 10 minutes by car from the airport and about 30 minutes from the center of Nha Trang city, convenient for travelers who want to relax and love privacy. Which Alma Resort is suggested for families with small children.

The total area of ​​the resort is 30 hectares, located on the pristine Dai beach. There are 580 sea view villas with private swimming pools and apartments. All have a living room, separate bedroom, and kitchen area, suitable for groups of up to 9 people. With a large space and closed design, visitors feel privacy.

View from the villa to the sea. Photo: Lan Huong

The resort has 12 outdoor swimming pools, a water park, cinema, youth play area, children’s play area, gym, yoga, golf course… suitable for all family members family. The price to stay here is from 3,500,000 VND/night. Visitors also have many other options with the same price range to stay as The Anam if they love coconut groves and green lawns or Movenpick Resort…

The next day, you can stay at the center of Nha Trang to explore the city. Tran Phu is a beachfront street with hotels like Intercontinental, priced from 3,000,000 VND/night, Premier Coastal Nha Trang Apartments from 2,800,000 VND/night, or beach resorts like Amiana Resort, priced from 1,900,000 VND/night.


At sunset, you return to Atlantis restaurant on the beach to sip cocktails while sitting on the sand, then enjoy fresh seafood prepared with Vietnamese flavor. If you love European cuisine, go to La Casa Italian restaurant with steak, slow-cooked beef with wine, pizza, and spaghetti. Friday night, there is a pizza-making class for kids.

The evening is the time for you to watch movies in the 70-seat cinema. Guests who love the bustle should head to the Amphitheater area with its outdoor bar. There is a bartending and fire dance performance in the background of vibrant music, attracting a large number of local people every evening. Drink prices here from 50,000 VND.

The next morning, wake up early to watch the sunrise from the big balcony or the beach, then have breakfast. Visitors can sign up for an experience program to see the operation of a resort. It is also installing more than 5,600 solar panels, to reduce carbon emissions into the environment.

After check-out, visitors get on the bus to move to Nha Trang city center. The afternoon schedule is to visit the Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography, near Cau Da port, Vinh Nguyen ward, about 6 km from the center. Ticket price is 40,000 VND/adult, 20,000 VND for students and 10,000 VND for students. Opening hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays.

The Institute is home to 24,000 specimens of more than 4,000 marine species, many of which are beautiful and rare. These creatures live in the East Sea and adjacent seas. They are kept and displayed through pictures, specimens, and living things. Some specimens can be loved by children such as sea cows in Con Dao, Chinese sturgeon, humpback whale skeletons, etc. Here, there are marine species taming areas, artificial mangroves, and birthing areas. big sea creature…

In the evening, instead of enjoying seafood on the mainland, you can choose to have dinner on Emperor Cruises Nha Trang. Boats pick up tourists at Nha Trang port, a few hundred meters from the Institute of Oceanography. The yacht is designed in a classic style but no less luxurious. Cruise in Nha Trang Bay, visitors can go to the top deck to enjoy cocktails, enjoy the cool breeze and watch the sunset.

Anchored in calm waters, the boat serves dinner to music from guitar and violin. The menu includes crab soup, grilled oysters with cheese, steamed lobster… depending on the reservation of visitors. Dinner price from 2,100,000 VND per adult and child from 1,600,000 VND. Guests in need will be served anti-sickness medicine before boarding the boat. You should also avoid days with high winds to avoid feeling drunk and uncomfortable.

In the evening in Nha Trang, visitors can visit the night market, take a walk in April 2 square, and watch the tower of incense. The city has also reopened many bars, including the one on the beach Sailing Club on Tran Phu Street or Skylight located on the 43rd floor of the Havana Hotel with sea views.

On the morning of the third day, visitors visit Ponagar Tower. This is one of the largest Champa cultural heritages in the country, located on a high hill. The area consists of 3 floors connected by stone steps. The Gate Tower area is no longer present, but in the middle is the Mandapa floor where visitors rest and prepare for the ceremony. On this floor, there are 12 small columns outside and 10 large columns inside. The last floor of the structure has towers up to 23 m high, built with tight-fitting bricks, without the need for adhesives. This is also where many tourists save beautiful photos of the tower and the sea view from above.

Some dishes should try in Nha Trang

Besides seafood, Nha Trang has many dishes to remember such as grilled beef, grilled spring rolls, Banh Can / vermicelli with fish…

Nguyen Loan fish cake soup shop at 123 Ngo Gia Tu street is a suggestion. This is a long-standing brand that is loved by many tourists and residents. The shop has cake soup or vermicelli, broth with boiled sailfish, and sweet mackerel. The types of fillings served are fried fish cakes, steamed fish cakes, pickled fish, and crispy jellyfish legs. The special bowl here is 45,000 VND.

Fish noodle soup or fish vermicelli at Nguyen Loan restaurant. Photo: Lan Huong

The next suggested dish is Lac Canh grilled beef. The beef here is sliced ​​into soft squares, marinated with sweet and spicy sauce. Guests can order pre-grilled or raw meat to grill on charcoal stoves, note that the hands are turned over and grilled just right to feel the softness and sweetness of the beef. The shop also sells eel served with rice paper. The average price of a meal is 100,000 VND/person.

Coming to Nha Trang, visitors should not miss spring rolls, served with raw vegetables, pickled vegetables and sweet dipping sauce. The dish is not too full, so it can be used as a side dish. Some suggested addresses for visitors are Dang Van Quyen grilled spring rolls on Lan Ong street, Ba Sau grilled spring rolls in To Vinh Dien…

Đăng bởi: Lưu Xuân Quế

Từ khoá: Three days of relaxation in Nha Trang on the occasion of the death anniversary of the ancestors

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