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Saigon, the pearl of the far East. Whether you are a Saigon citizen or traveler visiting for the first time, Saigon is definitely a place of nostalgia when you are far away and a beauty that makes you fall head over heels in love at the very first glance. Discover why Saigon is so attractive and one of the top visited cities according to Lonely Planet! Read this article to explore hotspots around town with Inspitrip!

Are you ready to unveil the mysterious stories of Saigon

Myst hotel: never miss out this fabulous space in hotspots around town

Located at 6-8 Ho Huan Nghiep St. Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Myst hotel brings you an old taste of Saigon packaged in a modern style. Myst hotel lobby is designed like a historical museum and amazes every visitor. The architecture of Myst’s spacious rooms is a mixture of cultural heritage and modern features that intrigue your curiosity and interest.  Though staying in the heart of Saigon’s bustling center, Myst creates its own unique serenity among hotspots around town. Staying here, you are able to immerse in the most tranquil sanctuary of Saigon with avenues and alleyways that evoke nostalgia.Tip

Myst offers a wide range of luxurious and high quality services, including food, drink, spa and gym. Enjoy your stay and experience the Myst staffs’ excellent hospitality!

A relaxing morning at Myst Hotel. Instagram:@ 22angelika22

Glow sky bar: “hot” place among hotspots around the town

Saigon is famous for its night life. Glow sky bar, one of the top outstanding hotspots around town attracts visitors and Saigon citizens every night. Located at 93 Nguyen Du St, District 1, the space contains about 50-200 people with two areas, bringing you unique, different tastes of music and joy. Glow sky bar offers the best view of Saigon, friendly staffs, fun and energetic atmosphere.Tip

Come by for happy hour, 5pm-8pm, to get 50% off on wines, cocktails, beers, mixed drinks….Stick to the dress code: no shorts, no flip-flops or tank tops are acceptable.

Colorful Glow bar at night Instagram: @glowsaigon

Pasteur Street Brewing Co: have fun in one of hotspots around the town in Saigon

Pasteur Street Brewing Co (PSBC) is founded by a team of passionate Americans in creating craft beers using American craft brewing techniques and fresh Vietnamese ingredients like jasmine from Sapa, chocolate from Tien Giang and passionfruit from Dalat since 2014. PSBC is one of first breweries and among the top brewing hotspots around town for its very own taste, especially in Vietnam drinking culture. The wood decoration mixed with classic and contemporary rock will surely jazz you up. If you love good drink, great food, cozy atmosphere and meet local citizens, expats and travelers, PSBC is a great place! Tip

Tap rooms offer new creations year-round that offer unique takes on traditional brews! PSBC is located in 144 Pasteur St., District 1.

PSBC with different flavors Instagram: @gk18_antalan

Libé boutique store: familiar shopping place in hotspots around the town

If you are wondering where you might buy high-quality and comfortable clothes at the best prices among the thousands of clothing hotspots around town in Saigon, Libe boutique store would be my first suggestion. Libe collections mainly are minimalistic with blank colors, stripes and basic cuts. Libe uses very light, comfortable materials with a wide range of denim, linen and silk…Besides basic clothes, Libe also have some other funky pieces if you are interested. Shoes and sandals are also very fabulous and affordable here. Libe really brings a brand new trend to Saigon fashion and is considered one of the favorite and familiar shopping places in Saigon for the young generation and fashionistas in Saigon.

Libe summer collection Instagram: @libeworkshop

Sushi Hokkaido Sachi – Japanese restaurant: delicious hotpots of hotspots around town

Besides sushi, sashimi….you should try oyster and crab soup here. They are really fresh and unforgettable!

An abundance of food to choose from at Hokkaido Sushi Sachi Instagram: @stellaphan22

The Deck Saigon: looking for something different among the hotspots around town, try this out!

One of the most attractive hotspots in town worth visiting in Saigon is the Deck Saigon, a restaurant with meal, bar, and boat tour services. Located on the Saigon river banks, it just takes about 15 minutes from the heart of Saigon to reach. Enjoy weekly, modern Pan-Asian menus,that put on display how amazing the Deck Saigon cooking styles and professional staff are. Ingredients at the Deck Saigon is freshly and directly imported from various areas of Vietnam and abroad, including vegetables from Dalat, seafood from Phu Quoc, and meat from Australia and U.S.Tip:

There are pick-up services at hotels within district 1 and boat service to the Deck restaurant with a price of about $180/2 pax for a one-way option. The private sunset cruise is amazing for enjoying sunset and a delicious dinner at The Deck restaurant.

Must-try cocktails at The Deck bar are Pair on the River and The Deck Signature Martinis.

A table dinner with Saigon riverside view Instagram: @thedecksaigon

À ố show: must-try show among hotspots around town

The A O show is held at the Saigon Opera House, a historical building in the heart of District 1. The A O show is a mixture of cirque de soleil and Vietnamese cultural elements. It lasts only 1 hour, but it is very worth watching. The A O show is an excellent combination of skilled acrobats, great choreography, vivid sound and lightning and traditional materials such as bamboo and wooden baskets…The acrobats lively move and skillfully use materials to depict crabs and ducks movements or boat, bridge or building forms. The unique feature of this show is that it has no storyline. A O show is choreographed as random snapshots of villagers’ lifestyles. It brings people the whole view of traditional lifestyle in the modern age. That is so cool! The creator of the show is Mr. Tuan Le, who has immersed himself with the beauties of European performances and understands Vietnamese culture fully. That is why the A O show is a masterpiece of Vietnamese culture mixed with Western performance styles. Tip

The price of the A O show is quite expensive for an hour. There are 3 kinds of seats: aah [A] zone, ooh! [O] zone and wow! [W]zone from about 300$ to 700$.

A screen of A O show Instagram: @luxurytravelvietnam

Saigon is definitely a place worth visiting! Get your backpacks, visit this lovely city and explore amazing things to do in Saigon, just for a week or even longer to experience Saigon in different ways. Let your body relax in the ginger scent at Myst Hotel spa on a beautiful sunny Sunday, have fun with your partners and friends at Glow bar on a Saturday night, wear light and comfortable Libe clothes and sit on The Deck Saigon restaurant with char-grilled wagyu grilled beef fillet and a glass of red wine or escape the bustling Saigon city life. And if you got the cash, why not experience Vietnam culture in a very distinct, modern way in the A O show? Saigon is definitely a place of “everything”. Visit Saigon and find your travel desires fulfilled and your soul full of joy!

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Từ khoá: Living it up in Saigon: Hotspots around town

Best Italian Restaurants In Saigon

Photo by Clark Douglas / Unsplash

“I love Italian food. I love pizza and pasta. I am in Saigon.” Then you will find this article interesting because we will list the 5 best Italian restaurants in Saigon that any Italian cuisine fan must know.

Italiani’s Pizza

Wood-fired Pizza in Italiani’s Pizza in Saigon, photo by Italiani’s Pizza restaurant

If you are a huge fan of pizzas, this restaurant is for you. Pizzas here are famous for their special tastes because they are baked in a wood oven, making them far different from those in other pizza restaurants. Even though it might take a little bit longer to wait for the pizza, you will not be disappointed when you see the wood-fired pizza on your plate here. The restaurant has brought the real pizza from Napoli, Italy to Saigon and is the place that pizza fans in Saigon cannot miss.

· В  Address 1: 290 Ly Tu Trong Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

· В Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 01:00 AM

· Address 2: 17 Han Thuyen Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

· В Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

· В Phone: 093 191 2750

· В Price range: 69,000 – 299,000 VND

· Cuisine: Italian, European, Contemporary

· В Meals: Lunch, Dinner, Supper & Drinks

Pendolasco Restaurant

Chitarra Caviar Pasta, photo by Pendolasco restaurant

Thao Dien, District 2 is where many expats live in Saigon, so there are numerous restaurants serving a wide range of food, especially Italian food. Pendolasco is an amazing Italian restaurant here. This is a good place to eat in Saigon if you are into Italian cuisine. This is because you can enjoy so many kinds of pizza, pasta, soups, and sandwiches. Moreover, there are also some options for your children, which is really interesting. For alcohol fans, you can choose from many kinds of beers, white wines or red wines here. In short, it’s a wonderful place for Italian cuisine lovers.

· Address: 30 Tong Huu Dinh, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

· Opening hours: 10:30 AM – 10 PM

· Phone: 1800 969663

· Price range: 84,000 – 890,400 VND

· Cuisine: Italian, European, Contemporary

· Meals: Lunch, Dinner & Drinks

· Keywords: Appetizers, Special, Salad, Pizzetta, Pizza, Half Pizza, Calzone, Pasta Fresca, Main courses, Pasta, Side dishes, Soups, Sandwiches, Risotti, Pendogo Kid Corner, Desserts, Drinks, Beers, White Wine Collection, Red Wine & Liqueurs, Pendogo Gourmet, Uncooked Fresh Pasta, Sauces, Cold Cuts, Cheese & Condiments, Homemade Sauce, Pizza Dough, Flour, Olive Oil, Receive Phone Order, Receive Facebook order, Reservations, Parking Available,

Carpaccio Restaurant

Homemade fresh pasta with shrimp and asparagus, photo by Carpaccio restaurant

· Address: 79 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

· Opening hours: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

· Phone: 028 3823 8998 – 0902951099

· Price range: 80,000 – 525,000 VND

· Cuisine: Italian, European, Contemporary

· Meals: Lunch, Dinner & Drinks

· Keywords: Appetizers, Antipasti, Carpaccio, Minestres, Insalate – Salad, Grilled Meats & Special Dishes, Pizza, La Pasta, Paste Ripiene, Risotti, Dolci Dessert, Take Phone Order, Take Facebook Order, Reservations, Street Parking,

Pizza 4P’s restaurant

A meal in Pizza 4P’s restaurant, photo by Pizza 4P’s restaurant

This is another amazing spot for pizza lovers because it is one of the most famous pizza restaurants in Saigon. Located in the center of the city, it is also really convenient to get to. Furthermore, there is a wide range of salad, pasta, desserts, and drinks to choose from. One very special thing about this restaurant is that you can find many house-made products here such as coffees and sodas, which you cannot find anywhere else. Moreover, there are some vegetarian options like vegetarian pizzas. Last but not least, dessert pizzas like oven-baked apple pizzas with house-made vanilla ice cream or Affogato pizza with vanilla ice cream & house-roasted coffee will amaze you.

· Address: 8/15 Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

· Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 23:00 PM

· Phone: +84 28 3622 0500

· Price range: 58,000 – 390,000 VND

· Cuisine: Italian, European, Contemporary

· Meals: Lunch, Dinner & Drinks

Nossa Steakhouse Restaurant

Grilled food in Namo Tuscan Grill Restaurant, photo by Namo Tuscan Grill Restaurant

Grilled food seems to be the favorite of many food lovers. And if you are also into Italian cuisine, Nossa Steakhouse Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants in Saigon that you wouldn’t want to miss. There are some reasons why you should try this restaurant. The first reason is the cozy and romantic atmosphere here. It is really suitable to go with your significant other to enjoy a warm dinner for two. This place can bring an unforgettable experience for friends and couples alike. The second reason is that the food is amazing and very Italian. Many people compliment the beef, salmon, risotto, pasta, and pizza. This sounds like another great spot to dine in!

· Address: 36 Pham Hong Thai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

· Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 23:00 PM

· Phone: 093 858 41 88

· Price range: 68,000 – 860,000 VND

· Cuisine: Italian, European, Contemporary

· Meals: Lunch, Dinner & Drinks

What are you waiting for, Italian cuisine fans? Let’s try out these best Italian restaurants right here in Saigon.

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Từ khoá: Best Italian restaurants in Saigon

Shopping Local From Online Stores In Saigon

Photo by Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

In the spirit of Veganuary and the upcoming Tet Holiday, let’s venture out and explore the beauty of Vietnamese vegan and vegetarian food – not from some brick-and-mortar shop on the sidewalk or hidden in an alley, but found across Facebook and Instagram, in Saigon’s thriving local online businesses.

If you happen to know the local tradition of an chay (eating vegetarian or vegan food) at the start and the middle of the lunar month, then you wouldn’t be surprised about how abundant these choices can be – from the good old banh mi to a sumptuous hotpot for two. Hope this will help you add more local flavors to your daily vegetable munching.

1. Banh mi cha chay – Grandma Lu

The first one on the list actually has two storefronts around the city, but I ordered my first banh mi cha chay (Vietnamese baguettewith vegetarian Vietnamese ham) from its online store on ShopeeFood. I appreciate stores that offer both meaty and non-meat options – it’s important to make everyone feel included.

The lack of cilantro was a bit surprising to me but might be perfect for others who prefer living without it. The cucumbers and pickles are still there for veggie enthusiasts. As for the fake meat part, it was another kind of surprise – a good one! I have never tasted anything so similar to the beloved cha chien (fried Vietnamese ham) and yet so much lighter in texture and taste. A decent choice for those who have yet to venture far into the world of local cuisine.

Banh Mi Grandma Lu

$$: 41,000 VND

Based in: District 1 & District 3

2. Banh mi kem nam chay – Jungle’s Pantry

The second vegetarian banh mi store, Jungle’s Pantry, offers a less traditional and more creative combination of the Vietnamese baguette with sauteed mushrooms and a creamy sauce.

Just look at that! You’re wanting a bite already.

Jungle’s Pantry also has another vegetarian dish on their compact menu, a salad with brown rice vermicelli noodle, air-fried tofu and sesame soy sauce with a spicy kick from chili oil. Check it out here:

Jungle’s Pantry

$$: 42,000 VND

3. Banh bao nguyen cam chay – Hygge

Banh bao, as the name suggests, is the Vietnamese cousin of baozi, the popular Chinese steamed buns. Hygge specializes in sugar-free, whole-wheat banh bao, and the filling features lotus seeds and shiitake mushrooms. Another option is banh khong nhan or buns without the fillings.

They sell these vegan buns twice a month for a limited time, depending on the lunar calendar, and they will post on their social media when order is open. In between making buns, they also bake some tuiles, biscotti, and granola – clearly all in for a healthy diet.

Hygge Goc Bep Nho

$$: 100,000 VND/4 pcs (25,000 VND/2 pcs for no-filling buns)

Based in: Go Vap District

4. Banh bao chay – Unu Homemade

Another online store serving the same niche of banh bao lovers, Unu Homemade makes banh bao in the traditional Northern Vietnamese style. Their signature are the soft, white buns that are slightly sweet and remind me of my hometown Hanoi, but recently, they also added whole wheat buns to their menu.

Instead of using paper wrappers, Unu’s buns sit on pieces of banana leaf – more love for the planet. The vegan filling is made of shiitake and king oyster mushrooms, carrots, jicama, tofu skin, and vegan pork. Send them a message to pre-order!

Unu Homemade

$$: 80,000 VND/4 pcs

Based in: Binh Thanh District

5. Banh gio chay – Lachifud

Banh gio is a pyramid-shaped rice flour dumpling originating from Northern Vietnam that has made its way to Saigon in the form of cheap convenient store food, typically sold for 10,000-15,000 VND. However, the traditional banh gio is made with a filling of minced pork and wood-ear mushrooms packed with boiled quail eggs, so those of you who have chosen the veg life might have never had the chance to try it. Now you do!

At Lachifud, an online store specified in homemade Northern snacks, their banh gio chay is just as popular as their quail egg and salted egg counterparts. Filled with five types of mushrooms, carrots, and onions, it looks as good as it tastes. For a slightly higher price, you get to enjoy this beautifully shaped dumpling with vegetarian Vietnamese ham and sausage as toppings.


$$: 32,000 VND

Based in: District 3

6. Xoi nam – Yuki Kitchen

In a versatile store serving different menus every week, it might be hard to choose just one dish to recommend, but for me, the most impressive and also a regular on their menu is xoi nam or mushroom sticky rice.

This is the vegan version of Saigon’s popular breakfast xoi man (man means salty, but it also means the opposite of chay – food with non-vegan ingredients). Xoi man usually includes pork floss and Vietnamese ham, so here the floss is replaced by shredded, sweet sauteed mushrooms, with a piece of vegan ham to top off.

There are lots of different types of Vietnamese sticky rice that are actually vegan in the first place, often served with muoi me (toasted sesame and peanut salt), but somehow this rendition of an originally meaty dish will make you feel more fulfilled and convinced that the possibilities for veggie lovers are truly endless.

Yuki Kitchen

$$: 55,000 VND

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Từ khoá: Veganuary – Shopping local from online stores in Saigon

Pocket The Best Broken Rice Restaurants In Saigon

Broken rice is a specialty dish of Vietnamese people. Unlike normal white rice, broken rice is cooked from broken rice during the sieving process. In the past, broken rice only appeared in the meals of the poor or just as food for poultry, but with the development of culinary culture, no quintessential ingredients will be wasted. forget. Therefore, broken rice is also cherished and selected the best types of rice to cook broken rice with all different side dishes.

Here are a few delicious broken rice restaurants in Saigon for those who have a love for this dish.

Ba Ghien broken rice

Famous in Saigon for more than 30 years, Ba Ghien broken rice has nurtured so many eating souls, so many generations of families. At Ba Ghien, there is a super giant rib, soaked with spices, making anyone look at it and feel satisfied with the belly. The ribs are cut squarely, the color of the cockroaches’ wings is beautiful, the spices are rich and the smell of charcoal grilled meat.

Broken rice with egg ribs. Photo: @em_them_an

The shop is located at 84 Dang Van Ngu, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District, serving all three breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The price is flexible depending on the menu item, from 25,000 VND to 100,000 VND.

Thuan Kieu broken rice

Thuan Kieu broken rice is a famous traditional broken rice and has been around for a long time, so the quality of broken rice here is very good, everyone who eats compliments it. The plate of Thuan Kieu broken rice is always colorful and eye-catching. Grilled meat always retains its juicy taste, harmonious and fragrant spices, served with broken rice with more soup, sour cabbage, palanquin to neutralize the taste of meat and rice, eat less. The menu of the restaurant is extremely rich when there are 54 dishes for customers to choose from.

The plate of broken rice is full of all flavors. Photo: @phuoody

You can order mixed broken rice to try all the flavors of broken rice topping! The restaurant’s address is at 54 Thuan Kieu, Ward 4, District 11. The price of dishes ranges from 30,000 VND to 110,000 VND depending on the dish, the shop sells from 7 am and closes at 10 pm.

An Duong Vuong broken rice

Located in District 5, not many restaurants can “surpass” An Duong Vuong broken rice. The quality of the food here is satisfactory to diners who have ever visited, every day the restaurant receives hundreds of visitors to enjoy the massive menu. As for the broken rice menu, there are many types of toppings, but the chicken broken rice here is probably the best dish. Chicken breast or chicken thigh has been boned, then marinated with spices and grilled on hot coals. The shop sells from morning to evening so you can come at any time.

Whole piece of chicken ribs. Photo: @vuthivyanh

Broken rice 74 Nguyen Van Cu

Broken rice here is expensive compared to those who cannot afford to pay themselves economically, for example, students, when the dishes here are all sold for the same price of 140,000 VND. However, for those who want to try the double or triple price of other restaurants and are curious about the quality of broken rice, they can also try it. Considered the most expensive broken rice restaurant in Saigon, but at 74 Nguyen Van Cu, there has not been a single day without customers. Perhaps the quality of the food proves it all.

The shop only sells two types of rice, ribs and chicken. Photo: @fatguysfoodguide

Broken rice with egg yolk

If you are too fed up with the above-mentioned restaurants, then come to Com with egg broken rice. Of course, in broken rice, grilled meat cannot be missing because this is the soul of the dish. But at 34 Tan Canh, the owner focuses on dug eggs. Eggs are braised with melted peaches, vibrant colors, enchanting flavors, crispy outside, greasy inside. This is the address that sells broken rice from only 15,000 VND to 40,000 VND, so keep in mind the address to try and see if the quality is suitable for eating at this price!

Very standard braised poached eggs. Photo: Saostar

Mrs. Muoi’s late-night broken rice

Mrs. Muoi only sells the shop late at night, so those who feel hungry at night must immediately run to Mrs. Muoi’s late-night broken rice at 294/35 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Binh Thanh District. Although selling in the alley, her shop is always crowded, perhaps partly because she sells from night to morning, partly because the rice she cooks is so delicious. The broken rice here is cooked in a Western style, the dishes such as braised meat, braised fish with pepper, fried rice, fish sauce… leave an impression in the hearts of every diners. Served with rice is a bowl of hot and sour soup and a bowl of puffy, crispy fried pork skin that no other address in Saigon has.

Rice and food are kept separate. Photo: @intofood_

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Từ khoá: Pocket the best broken rice restaurants in Saigon

Top 10 Vietnam Beach Resorts For A “Living In The Moment” Holiday

Who doesn’t love the beach life? It is one of those incredible experiences where everything is relaxed, peaceful, and serene. There is no worry of tomorrow and only the joy of today. And to top it all, if you get a private butler serving you fancy cocktails, life would be even better, won’t it? Well, as it turns out, you don’t need to be a millionaire to indulge in such pleasures of life for these incredible Vietnam beach resorts offer just that. Stellar service, impeccable luxury, a fine ocean view and peace of mind – get it all at these amazing top 10 beach resorts in Vietnam.

10. Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa

Nestled on a lagoon between two major cities, Hue and Hoi An, the Vedana Lagoon Resort & Spa offers mesmerizing views of one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia. The property is spread across 27 hectares and offers uninterrupted calm and peace. Yes, the bustles of the city are also a short ride away and this is why it is one of the best resorts in Vietnam for lovers of art, culture, and peace.

Special Features

The spa blends ancient healing techniques from the east and blends them with the therapies from the west.

9. Princess D’An Nam Resort and Spa

One of the best beach resorts in Vietnam, the Princess D’An Nam Resort and Spa is a perfect amalgamation of Vietnamese hospitality and French luxury. This boutique resort has four swimming pools, two restaurants, and an out of the world spa. Everything here is complemented by postcolonial ambience and architecture and a natural feel that reminds you of untouched beauty.

Special Features

The resort villas and suites reflect modernity and French colonial architecture infused with Vietnamese and Chinese elements.

Each Empress Villa has its own infinity pool and a magnificent ocean view

The resort has a private garden, a private beach, and activities that include vintage jeep safari into the mountains and dirt road exploration among others.

8. Angsana Lang Co

A stunning Vietnam beach resort that has Truong Son Mountain Range in its background and a scintillating beach on its foreground, this one is a treat for the senses. Offering views that are even better than paradise, the property features natural beauty that is in sync with modern amenities. The phrase “best of both worlds” was probably made for this resort.

Special Features

The property is close to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the old town of Hoi An, the city of Hue, and Cham Kingdom Sanctuaries at My Son.

Activities include hiking up the mountain, jet ski ride, and Golf

7. Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa

Located on Mui Ne’s sweeping beach, Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa offers a peaceful escape from the bustles of the city life. Hike to sand dunes, soothing spa treatments, and sitting by the garden in your villa are some of the most common experiences here.

Special Features

World class spa

Beach hikes

International cuisine and world-class dining experience

6. Fusion Resort Nha Trang

For the lovers of tranquility and peace, Fusion Resort Nha Trang is a heaven. Spread across 13.6 hectares and situated on the stunning coastline along Cam Ranh-Nha Trang, this paradise offers uninterrupted ocean views from every unit.

Accommodation options include suites and villas with canopy hammocks and custom made suspended bathtubs.

Special Features

The spa offers signature Chemveda therapy

Guests can also opt to enjoy a gourmet breakfast at any location in the resort

5. Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang

One of the best overall Vietnam beach resorts, the Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang is an epitome of luxury that comes with enhanced privacy and an out of the world stay experience. It has over 84 coastal villas that offer spectacular beach and ocean views. Then there are private pools, world-class dining, and unmatched modern amenities to make you feel connected and disconnected at the same time.

Special Features

Coastal villas with balconies and access to private pool and beach.

Fully equipped with all modem amenities

Individually tailored experiences

World class spa

4. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

The InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort is situated in the hills of Son Tra Peninsula and yet at the same time features spectacular beachfront villas with private pools and suites. Moreover, the resort is in close proximity to UNESCO world heritage sites of The Old Town of Hoi An, The Imperial City of Hue, and the My Son ruins.

Special Features

World class dining at La Maison 1888 restaurant

Dining in the sand experience

3. Banyan Tree Lang Co.

Certainly, among the best Vietnam beach resorts, the Banyan Tree Lang Co. is one of the finest options for those who prioritize luxury above everything else. This all pool villa beach resort in Vietnam is surrounded by the sea on one side and the beautiful Truong Son Mountain Range the other. Needless to say, the views are stunning in all directions. Go here if you want a Vietnamese style holiday in the lap of luxury.

Special Features

All pool villa resort with private beach

Truly authentic Vietnamese holiday experience with top of the class luxury

2. The Nam Hai

The Nam Hai is an all-villa Vietnam beach resort that delivers a perfect balance of cultural bustle and private beach comfort. It has one of the best spas in Asia and is also home to a culinary school. Private pools, outdoor showers, tennis, and golf are some of the activities you can indulge in here.

Special Features

Special villas come with private butler, private gardens, and pools.

In close proximity to the cultural hub of the city

Home to one of the best spas in the world

1. Amano’i

Amano’i is one of the finest Vietnam luxury beach resorts and its reasons would totally justify its stature. From the scenic drive to this place to finally experiencing its panoramic views, this property with its Vietnamese decor has it all. The Spa experience is out of the world and it has 31 pavilions that come with private pool.

Special Features

Pavilions with private swimming pool

Hillview facing villas

Trekking, jogging, and hiking routes

World class Aman Spa

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Từ khoá: Top 10 Vietnam Beach Resorts For A “Living In The Moment” Holiday

Catch Sea Urchin And Eat It On The Spot In The Pirate Islands

The Pirate Islands is a place not many tourists know about but has a wild and mysterious beauty. This destination is nearly 28 km from the coast of Ha Tien and 40 km from Phu Quoc island, including 16 islands, the largest is Hon Tre island (Hon Doc), in Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien city.

The Pirate Islands impress with their wild and peaceful beauty. Photo: Ha Lam

Vinh Emly, a local guide, shared that one of the favorite experiences of tourists when coming to the Hai Tac archipelago is diving to catch sea urchins (sea urchins). sea urchin usually spawns in the 3rd to 6th month of the lunar calendar, and resides in the boxes and rocks, so you have to know how to catch it properly, otherwise it will be pricked by thorns. Sea urchin is spherical, 3-10 cm in diameter, 3-4 mm thick shell, outside there are many spines. Despite its thorny shape, urchin is one of the most nutritious and fatty seafood in the world.

For a more exciting experience, you should go in a group of about 5-10 people and bring an urchin catcher including a clamp, a net containing the urchin, and diving goggles for easy observation. After that, you dive to a depth of about 2-3 m to be able to harvest as much as you like.

The urchins when they come ashore will be screened strongly to break all the spines. sea urchin after washing will be cut in half, the meat inside can be eaten raw with mustard or cooked porridge to nourish the body. In particular, if you are a fan of grilled food, you will certainly not be able to ignore the grilled onion. After splitting in half, put it on the charcoal stove, add a little onion fat, add peanuts (roasted peanuts) if you like, bake for 2-3 minutes to wake up the aroma. Grilled urchin dish with salt and pepper lemon or lemon pepper as you like, has a fatty taste and a characteristic aroma.

Huong Ly and her group of friends from Ho Chi Minh City enjoyed diving and catching urchin when they had the opportunity to travel to the Hai Tac archipelago in early August. She shared her impression of the unspoiled and peaceful beauty of the archipelago, especially the islands. You can comfortably dive and catch urchins to forget the time. “I and my friends spend half a day diving to catch urchins and enjoy cooking many delicious dishes. Participating in this experience is also a way to help relax after stressful working days,” Ly shared.

sea urchin is one of the most popular seafood. Photo: Ha Lam

In addition to diving to catch sea urchin, the archipelago also has other activities such as diving to see corals, fishing, squid fishing… very interesting. Currently, the archipelago has a boat rental service to run to the surrounding islets for visitors to enjoy diving to catch urchins, snails, and hornbills. The boat owner will assist guests in preparing delicious dishes from the sea urchin and enjoying it on board at an affordable price.

If you like this experience, the coming weekends or holidays are the right time for you, your family and friends to check-in at Pirate Island. This archipelago has electricity, running water and motels for you to stay overnight.

To get to the archipelago, from Ho Chi Minh City, you go down to Ha Tien and book tickets. After that, you can choose a means of going to the island by iron train for 70,000 VND one way (about 1 to 1.5 hours) or by speedboat which costs 120,000 VND one way (about 30-40 minutes).

Photo: intenet

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