Xu Hướng 11/2023 # Visit Ngo Gia Tu Apartment Building (Hcmc) – A “Food Paradise” With Affordable Prices, What To Eat? # Top 15 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Visit Ngo Gia Tu Apartment Building (Hcmc) – A “Food Paradise” With Affordable Prices, What To Eat? được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 11 năm 2023 trên website Vtlx.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

If you are a foodie in Ho Chi Minh City, you must know the food court located on the ground floor of the Ngo Gia Tu apartment building. Although not as busy as other food courts, this place has a lot of attractive dishes at affordable prices. Let’s take a look at what outstanding dishes are in this apartment building!

Pan bread A Bep

Referring to the famous pan bread in District 10, it is indispensable for A Bep pan bread. This is just a popular restaurant with a few sets of plastic tables and chairs along the road, but still attracts customers every day thanks to the full-flavoured bread pan.

Photo: @chuyencuaneo

Pan bread here only begins to be processed when guests arrive, so it is always hot, when brought to the table, there is still a sizzling sound. Inside the small pan will include sardines, sausage, beef, omelet, cheese and shumai. Although the ingredients are not much different, but thanks to the rich, viscous sauce combined with crispy bread, the dish becomes round. Moreover, the accompanying shumai is made by A Bep restaurant, so it is very fatty, not greasy and the omelet is also fried on the side to bring up the aroma. The price for a meal here is affordable for most diners, only from 30k – 45k, you can enjoy a full and nutritious meal.

Ảnh: @recommended.by.nene

Address: 015 Lot H, Ngo Gia Tu Apartment, District 10

Open: 6am – 2pm and 5pm – 8pm

Hanh crab soup cake

If one day your wallet is about to “run out” but you still want to enjoy quality crab cakes, Hanh’s crab cakes are the most reasonable address. When you come here, just spend from 35k – 40k and you have a bowl of “super big” mixed crab soup with all kinds of good toppings such as crab meat, crab cakes, fish cakes, shrimp, blood, spring rolls, quail eggs, straw mushrooms, puff pastry and crackers.

The broth of the restaurant is cooked from bone broth to create a sweet taste, mixed with cashew oil and tapioca flour, so it is a bit viscous and has an attractive orange color. In addition, the shop also uses flexible filter cake soup to increase the deliciousness of the dish. A special flavor that cannot be found anywhere else is the spicy and sour chili pepper sauce served with the restaurant’s own recipe. When eating, pick up a chopstick of banh chung, then dip the meat and dumplings into the chili paste and then eat crab meat and boiled shrimp, ensuring the blend of fresh ingredients will make you come back to eat again and again.

Photo: @momentoffood, Nguyen Ling

Address: 003 Lot T, Ngo Gia Tu apartment building, District 10

Open: 7am – 7pm

Dumplings – fresh noodles with char siu Ms. Minh

Ms. Minh’s dumpling is a “small but martial” restaurant with delicious Chinese dishes. This place specializes in selling dishes such as dumplings, water noodles, dried noodles and fresh noodles with char siu with the same price of 40k.

Most people when coming to the restaurant choose to eat dumplings with seasoned soup to taste. The dumplings here are made quite big with a soft, flexible shell of moderate thickness, and the inside is full of shrimp and meat. Besides the sparkling water, you can order more dried dumplings or fried dumplings to eat with sweet and sour sauce. In addition, at the shop, there are also mixed noodles and fresh char siu noodles that are equally delicious. The accompanying toppings such as squid, pork, beef, … are fresh and char siu, the amount of lean and fat is also balanced. When eating, you just add the soy sauce that the restaurant has on the table and it’s all done.

Photo: Hoang Trung Quan

Address: 004 Lot S, Ngo Gia Tu Apartment, District 10

Open: 6am – 10pm

Duc Hoa fried rice flour

Fried dough is sold in many places in Ho Chi Minh City, but if you want to try to enjoy Chinese fried dough, eat with sassafras, Duc Hoa restaurant is a rare address you can find. Up to now, the shop has been selling for more than 30 years and also has a bit of a name in District 10.

Photo: @thithi5597

The dough here is made from pure rice flour, then steamed and cut into squares. When guests come, the owner will fry each dough ball in a flat pan until golden on both sides and then crack an egg in so the outside will be crispy and the inside will be soft. The accompanying toppings include grated papaya, pickled carrots, cucumber and a little zucchini. More specifically, the soy sauce served with fried dough is cooked by the restaurant itself according to an esoteric recipe, so it is very strange and different from other places.

Photo: @ongbagiahaman

Address: 001 Lot X, Ngo Gia Tu Apartment, District 10

Open: 15h – 22h

Tea tray with 16 dishes Khanh Vy

Sweet lovers are probably not too unfamiliar with Khanh Vy tray tea shop. Although it’s just a small shop, located along the wall of an apartment, make sure to come here, for less than 100k you will have a full meal.

Photo: HaMy Nguyen

A tray of tea here has up to 16 different types of tea such as black bean tea, white bean tea, apple green tea, common tea, etc. Each type is contained in a compact cup, with a little fragrant coconut milk for guests to enjoy. You can eat a lot without getting bored. If you want to enjoy cold tea, you can ask for more ice to serve. However, to “pick up” this tray of tea, you have to invite a lot of friends to come along because 1-2 people will not be able to eat it all. In addition to the tea dishes, the shop also sells some other sweet dishes such as flan, jelly, sticky rice for you to choose.

Photo: HaMy Nguyen

Address: Next to 032 Lot H, Ngo Gia Tu Apartment, District 10

Open: 15h – 23h

Bachutha – Thai banana cake

Anyone who has fallen in love with this popular snack of the land of the Golden Temple cannot ignore the Bachutha banana cake stall in Ngo Gia Tu apartment building. When you come here, you not only get to eat deliciously but also have the opportunity to watch the owner of the shop make extremely skillful cakes.

Photo: @trankhanhlinh

From a small ball of dough, the owner will spread it out thinly and apply it on the pan until the aroma rises. Then crack 1 more egg in, spread out each ripe banana slice and arrange the cake, cut into bite-sized squares. Finally, it is covered with a layer of cocoa powder and condensed milk, so when you eat it, you will clearly feel the fatty aroma mixed with a slight bitterness. In addition, you can also order more corn or cheese to enhance the flavor of the cake.

Photo: @trankhanhlinh

Address: 012 Lot H, Ngo Gia Tu Apartment, District 10

Open: 17h – 21h

Đăng bởi: Phạm Quốc Hoạt

Từ khoá: Visit Ngo Gia Tu apartment building (HCMC) – a “food paradise” with affordable prices, what to eat?

Bring Your Bags To Visit Bo Lai Chau Village To Check In With Unique Water Fountains

Where is Ban Bo on the map of Lai Chau?

Bo Lai Chau village is a mountainous commune located in the Southeast, Tam Duong district. In the commune, there are National Highway 32 passes by, convenient for tourists to come here to experience and explore. With an area of ​​7,638.94 hectares, Ban Bo is blessed with beautiful scenery, diverse terrain, suitable for tourism development. 

Ban Bo commune is located in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Today, Ban Bo is the residence of the Kinh, Thai, Mong, Giay, Dao… with diverse indigenous culture, attracting many tourists to visit. The journey to Ban Bo is a beautiful and memorable trip, where you can both enjoy the scenery of heaven and earth, and expand your understanding of new indigenous cultural imprints.

Ban Bo commune has beautiful natural scenery. Photo: @buiduclong76

This highland commune in Tam Duong district has low mountainous terrain, about 500-800 meters above sea level. The climate is cool all year round, only from 24-26 degrees Celsius. So when traveling to Ban Bo commune, Visitors can fully enjoy the peace and comfort of this land, especially in spring and summer.

>>See more:  Discovering Sin Suoi Ho Lai Chau – Hmong tourist village with charming scenery

Beautiful scenery in Bo Lai Chau village

Visiting Ban Bo Lai Chau, visitors will be greeted by a picture of green and majestic nature. There seems to be something both new and familiar at the same time. It will be new when you have never traveled to the northern mountainous provinces. And there will be something familiar when you have been to Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Yen Bai, Son La, etc. Because this highland commune bears the imprint of Northwest villages .

The road to Ban Bo is winding and winding. Photo: @szymoszymo

Somewhere there are also the rustic stilt houses of the ethnic minorities here. People’s houses often gather at the foot of the hill, mixed with green gardens, surrounded by rice fields, and a fresh stream flowing across. In Ban Bo, it seems that peace is a small gift for all tourists who stop to visit. 

The picture of Ban Bo is green and one color. Photo: @buiduclong76

About Bo Lai Chau, in addition to breathing in the fresh air, admiring the beautiful scenery of terraced fields or wandering around the villages, visitors must definitely visit Con Nuoc Na Khuong minced by the gentle and beautiful Nam Mu stream. pretty. There are up to 35 water fountains (water wheels) built by Thai people to get water from the stream, serving irrigation and daily life. 

Miss Khanh Van checked in with local Thai people. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Initially, these Ban Bo waterwheels were simply a model for carrying water to the fields or home. But thanks to the large number and unique shape next to the stream, the water fountains in Na Khuong village quickly become the check-in coordinates that tourists fall in love with when they have the opportunity to return to Ban Bo commune.

In Ban Bo commune, there are many unique fountains. Photo: @mimi_oliver88

These water reels are shaped like a “super-giant giant” wheel, when spinning, they will emit a very beautiful and impressive sound of the flute. Thanks to being made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, etc., these waterwheels have a very simple, rustic beauty, bold in the Northwest mountains and forests. 

Ban Bo terraced fields in the pouring season. Photo: @dailabili

For the people in the commune, the Na Khuong fountains are not only an irrigation project but also a unique cultural symbol, a part of the mountainous wet rice civilization, expressing the creativity of the people. farmers. Coming here, just being able to stand in and take a picture with these water fountains will give you a beautiful memory when traveling to Lai Chau . 

Ban Bo is as beautiful as other Northwest villages. Photo: @nuwatphoto

In addition to the great experiences mentioned above, visitors to Ban Bo, if they stay 1-2 days, are also treated by local people with delicious dishes of Tam Duong district. Here, there are grilled stream fish, grilled rock moss, coriander salad, purple sticky rice, suckling pig, … delicious and attractive, satisfying the culinary discovery needs of visitors. 

Experience exploring Ban Bo Lai Chau

Ban Bo commune is one of the beautiful destinations in Lai Chau with many interesting tourist activities. Today, the commune government also supports the villagers to develop community-based tourism. Coming to the village, you can choose to stay at homestays in the village, and experience an interesting life with the locals. 

Romantic sunset in Ban Bo. Photo: @mr.actorluc

In Na Khuong village, visitors can rent Thai costumes to take virtual pictures with the waterwheels, and feel a different beauty when wearing traditional costumes of indigenous people. Of course, do not forget to bring a lot of beautiful clothes to check in with the impressive natural scenery of Tam Duong and Lai Chau. 

Today, Ban Bo has many homestays for tourism. Photo: @coffeefoodhaven

Today, Ban Bo commune is no stranger to many tourists, becoming a key destination of Tam Duong district. This mountainous commune is beautiful in all four seasons, in which autumn is the most poetic. Therefore, you should plan carefully to be able to visit this place on the most beautiful days. 

Traveling to Lai Chau, you should not miss the beautiful Ban Bo. Photo: @khanhvannguyen25

Ban Bo Lai Chau is one of the beautiful lands that you should visit if you have the opportunity. Coming here, visitors not only can enjoy the scenery or take pictures, here, you can learn more about the culture of the local people, eat delicious dishes and expand the worldview about the lives of the locals. Northwest people.

Photo: Instagram

Đăng bởi: Dương Hà

Từ khoá: Bring your bags to visit Bo Lai Chau village to check in with unique water fountains 

Taking 5$ To Walk Around The “Noble” Nguyen Hue Walking Street, What Dishes Can You Eat?

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street has a lot of restaurants with special dishes. However, because it is located in the central district, attracting a large number of tourists, around there are many high-rise buildings and luxurious commercial centers, so the price here is also “slightly” higher than in the city. some other places. But if you know how to choose, if you hold 5$ in your hand, you can still “sweep” 3-4 dishes.

Pan bread 97

Coming to Nguyen Hue walking street, it is impossible to ignore the famous banh mi sandwich. With more than 45 years of experience and delicious taste, 97 pan bread attracts a huge number of customers, selling several hundred pans every day. If you pass by the corner of Mac Thi Buoi Street in the evening, you will see customers eating on the sidewalk.

Photo: Kieu Trinh

Pan bread here is sold with many different combos for you to choose from. A typical part will include a pan with nearly 10 toppings such as omelet, beef, spring rolls, pepper paste, spring rolls, ham, pate, etc. Accompanied by a rather large loaf of bread, which is grilled to a crispy golden color. If you order the most special part, there are also cotton balls, sausages, fish, etc. The beef part of the restaurant is quite soft, seasoned with spices to taste, so the pan bread will not be eaten with the sauce. In addition, each serving will usually have more vegetables, pickles and chili to combat boredom. When enjoying, the sweet and salty taste of the toppings mixed with the fat of the pate and the viscous egg yolk will make you unable to stop eating.

Photo: Cheesie Le, @ansapsaigon

Address: 97 Mac Thi Buoi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 18h – 2h next day

Price: 45k – 90k

Daebak Korean style skewers

Located at the corner of Huynh Thuc Khang and Ho Tung Mau streets, a small red cart full of skewers is always crowded with customers waiting to buy. Because the owner of the Daebak skewers is Korean, the taste of the dishes here is quite standard Korean.

Daebak’s menu has a total of 5 dishes: traditional tokbokki, sausage tokbokki, vermicelli roll, fish cake, Gangjeong chicken. The fish cakes here are made quite thick and tough, the food is not powdery, the accompanying soup is also very fragrant with the smell of boaro onions. Particularly, tokbokki sausage will not be eaten with sauce, but will be covered with a layer of sweet sauce and sprinkled with sesame, so it is quite mouth-watering. Most of the dishes are pre-prepared, so you won’t have to wait too long when you buy them.

Photo: @ansapsaigon

Address: 117 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 16h – 22h

Price: 25k – 45k VND

Baked rice paper of 2 sisters

If the bread pan and skewers do not fill your stomach, then grilled rice paper will be the next reasonable choice. Although it is just a small stall nestled in a corner on Ngo Duc Ke Street, this place is too “familiar” with the fans of baked rice paper. In addition to the name of the two sisters, people also call it popular rice paper because the price for each is only from 15k.

Photo: @saigonbeo

The amount of topping of each rice paper here is very much, which is quail eggs, minced meat, fried rice, fried onions, cheese, scallions, mayonnaise, chili sauce, etc. All are spread out on the crispy hot rice paper on the top. blister. In addition, before baking, the rice paper will be brushed with a layer of butter to create a characteristic aroma. Just take one bite, the crispy outer layer of rice paper will blend with the sweet and salty taste of the toppings inside, sometimes you have to eat 2 new ones.

Photo: @saigonbeo

Address: 44 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 15h – 23h

Price: 15k – 25k

Singapore Hawker Star Ice Cream

On Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, there are 5 places selling Singapore ice cream, but the first and most authentic place is Hawker Star. Singapore ice cream sandwich is simply a sandwich or sponge cake with a rectangular block of ice cream in the middle, but when you eat it, you will have to enjoy the deliciousness of this dish.

Photo: @canquetsaigon

It is known that the ice cream used by the shop is the famous imported Magnolina ice cream in Singapore for more than 50 years, so when eaten, it has a light fat taste, not too sweet, especially very flexible and not crushed. The ice cream here has a number of flavors such as durian, mango, green tea, chocolate, red bean, etc. You can choose soft rainbow sandwich or crispy sponge cake to sandwich outside the ice cream block. When eaten, the outside cake combined with the cool ice cream inside creates an irresistible taste.

Photo: @canquetsaigon

Address: 66A Nguyen Hue, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 16h – 22h30

Price: 30k

Tee Milk Cream Mist

Just “eaten” a series of dishes, if your stomach still has room to spare, you should try more milk cream dew that has just appeared on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street a few months ago. According to many people’s assessment, Tee’s flute dew has a moderate consistency, not too soft, when eaten, you will hear a faint smell of herbs. Each portion will include 1 cup of frosting, pre-cut into small cubes, and a box of creamy milkshakes for you to sprinkle on the dew.

Photo: @ruahaman

Besides the milk cream frosting, the shop also sells a number of other water dishes with equally delicious toppings. Because the shop is open until the morning, you can invite your friends to try the dew, drink a glass of water and chat “through the night”.

Photo: @ruahaman

Address: 16 Ton That Thiep, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1

Open: 13h – 1h next day

Price: 32k – 42k

Đăng bởi: Hưng Phúc

Từ khoá: Taking 5$ to walk around the “noble” Nguyen Hue walking street, what dishes can you eat?

Where To Eat In Hanoi: Top 20 Places To Eat In Hanoi For First Time Visitors

When you go to a strange place to discover new things, what are the aspects you want to explore? History, culture, beautiful places,…? We think we are missing an essential aspect: cuisine. If you find yourself enjoying a trip to a city with rich culture like Hanoi, it would be a shame not if you do not add exploring Hanoi’s cuisines in things to do in Hanoi. Now we will suggest you a list of 20 places to eat in Hanoi that would definitely leave you with a full stomach. Treat your stomach with the finest local cuisines in Hanoi with Inspitrip now!

1. Pho Ly Quoc Su

Located in Ly Quoc Su street, this brand of Pho has been famous for a long time. Pho Ly Quoc Su is always on the top of best pho in Hanoi list. This place offers the taste of traditional Hanoi Pho; delicious and comforting. The flavor from the broth, rare beef, brisket, flank, fillet is intense and unforgettable. Moreover, sitting among local people and enjoying a tasty, hot bowl of Pho will give you some insight on the daily meals of local Hanoi people.

The symbol of Hanoi’s soul Instagram: nagumiho

Address: 10 Ly Quoc Su street Opening time: 6:30 am to 10:30 pm

2. Crab paste vermicelli

This place is on Hang Bac street inside the old quarter. The cuisine is cleverly cooked using the nutritious ingredients from local paddy fields. It has a tomato broth, served with vermicelli noodles and topped with crab paste and fried tofu. The dish here is so famous that trying it is always high on the list of top things to do recommended by the locals.

The ingredients from the paddy field Instagram: xuan.la.3

Opening time: 6 am to 6 pm Address: 11 Hang Bac Street

3. Pho Thin

Even though this place is situated far from the city center, Pho Thin has been famous for its flavor for over 30 years. Pho Thin has made its mark to be in the list of top restaurants in Hanoi. The broth of Pho Thin itself is similar to other places, but the key here is the beef. The beef is stir-fried in a high-temperature furnace, becoming more sweet and juicy. Considering how delicious this combination is, it’s well worth any amount of distance travelled!

The traditional flavor that you cannot find anywhere else

Address: 13 Lo Duc street Opening time: 6 am to 8:30 pm

4. Grilled fermented pork roll Au Trieu Street

This dish belongs to the street food culture of local people so guests sit on the tiny plastic chairs and tables when enjoying the food in a small valley. Grilled fermented pork rolls are served on banana leaves and accompanied by the hot taste of chili sauce and the sour tanginess of mango. The pork rolls here are grilled instead of fried and that lets it keep its original flavor and color while giving it a beautiful char. If you’re looking for memorable places to eat, don’t miss this one!

Sitting on plastic chairs and enjoy the food as the local people Instagram: @ninh0594

Address: 10 Au Trieu Street Opening time: 2 pm to 12 am

5. Barbecued Pork with Rice Vermicelli Hang Quat Street

This is a traditional dish that comes from Southern Vietnam. The pork is grilled over charcoal on a small grill that gives it a smoky flavor while charring the edges for a little crunchy texture. The broth is light and served with vermicelli. The fusion of delicious food at an acceptable price always attracts a number of guests to this store every single day.

It’s so wonderful to enjoy with your friends Instagram: thepandasflavor

Adress: 74 Hang Quat street Opening time: 10 am to 2 pm

6. Barbecued Pork with Rice Vermicelli Obama

This place is also a place selling traditional barbecued pork with rice vermicelli. However, what makes this place special is that this is the place where American President Barack Obama had dinner with his friend, Anthony Bourdain. Choosing the “Obama Combo” (around 4 dollars) gives you everything that they ordered here as well.

So easy to eat as the president Instagram: @sh.maru

Address: 24 Le Van Huu street Opening time: 10 am to 7 pm

7. Tofu & rice noodles served with shrimp paste

This food is very simple, but popular in Vietnam. It’s got quite a pungent, fishy smell, so be prepared to not let your nose get the best of you here. However, it’s like durian: chances are if you can get past the smell you’ll find yourself falling in love with this food. The rice noodles are served with deep-fried tofu, boiled pig gut, herbs, cucumber and shrimp paste. If you find yourself wondering how to eat this dish, take a hint from other local people eating there, or otherwise discover your own way of eating it! On a side note, you can find the best tofu & rice noodles while strolling around Hanoi old quarter.

It’s tasty if you are brave enough to try Instagram: @kachi128

Address: Alley 31 on Hang Khay street Opening time: 10 am to 8:30 pm

8. Steam rice role

Banh Cuon is a paper-thin steamed rice pancake served with broth made from the fish sauce. In order to make it more delicious, people usually eat the steam rice roll with boiled slices of pork and cha lua. Because the owners start making the food as soon as you come, you have to wait a few minutes before being served.

Fullfill your stomach with a plate of steam rice cake Instagram: anhngfood

Address: 68 Hang Cot street Opening time: 6:30 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 9 pm

9. Banh mi

Make sure you don’t miss out on the ever present Vietnamese sandwich. Banh Mi are french baguettes, filled with roast pork, pork-liver pâté, cured ham,… and broth made from secret ingredients that have been passed down for many generations.

Good taste and reasonable price Instagram: ng.ngoclan_01

Address: 38 Dinh Liet street Opening time: 7 am to 1 am

10. Che – Vietnamese sweet soup

This dessert is a traditional dish in Vietnam. In the summer, a bowl of Che will cool you down and boost your energy thanks to its sweet flavor. Even though other stores update their menu with different kinds of Che from other places, this store is still loyal to the traditional Che – che dau den (black bean); che dau xanh (mung bean); che dau do (red kidney bean) and che sen (lotus seed)

traditional dessert in the modern life Instagram: @tram.tran1983

Address: 1 Bat Dan Street Opening time: 7:30 am to 11 pm

11. Sticky rice

Sticky rice, or Xoi in Vietnamese, is a popular delicious breakfast dish in Hanoi. This store is located in Truong Chinh street. It is famous for spicy ribs steamed sticky rice. If you are a hot food lover – it is your perfect choice. It provides a wide range of topping but the best one is steamed sticky rice with chili ribs. A bowl of sticky rice will fill your stomach with an acceptable price.

Spicy but tasty Instagram: @toccvangg

Address: 628 Truong Chinh street Opening time: 5 am to 12 am

12. Bun thang – Rice Vermicelli with Chicken, Egg, Pork

If you are finding places to eat traditional Hanoi food, this is a good option for you. It truly brings you the rice vermicelli in home style with thick chicken broth. The broth made from chicken, shrimp, and shitake mushroom. It has the different type of toppings such as shredded chicken, gio lua, egg crepes,… This is one of the best places to eat in Hanoi that we have to mention in this list.

Perfect taste and appearance Instagram: pe0z

Address: 48 Cau Go Street Opening time: 7 am to 11 pm

13. Stir-fried Pho

In Vietnam, there are many dishes made from rice noodle. This dish is also in that stream. However, this dish is not served with broth. They will stir-fry Pho in about 15 minutes with beef, yu choy sum,… Pho is very precisely made. The owner fries the Pho until it becomes yellow, not too dried-burnt or oily.

Another type of Pho – another taste Instagram: n.ammm_

Address: 45B Bat Dan Street Opening time: 8 am to 11 pm

14. Shrimp in batter

This store is located on the bank of Ho Tay (Tay Lake) and famous for it fried shrimp. The shrimp will be wrapped in a light batter and fried until the batter turns into crispy yellow. This dish is served with salad and cucumber. The price is quite reasonable to try.

You can eat this tasty dish while enjoying the beautiful view in front Instagram: @ninheating

Address: 1 Thanh Nien street Opening time: 9 am to 9 pm

15. Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

This dish is a perfect choice for a night meal. It is delicious as well as nutritious at the same time. The sweet broth made from simmering chicken broth with Chinese herbs will give you the distinctive flavor that you can not find anywhere else.

So delicious and nutritious as well Instagram: 998.tuha

Address: 29 Tong Duy Tan Street Opening time: 8 pm to 12 am

16. Fish noodle soup

This dish is very simple to make but it will surprise you with its taste. The seasoning grilled fish and a lot of veggies will be eaten with the noodle. In this restaurant, fish noodle soup is the only dish that they make. Because of this concentration, the flavor of their food is gorgeous.

It will satisfy your hunger Instagram: mr.tun28

Address: 21 Duong Thanh street Opening time: 8:45 am to 10:30 pm

17. Ice cream

Trang Tien ice cream is the symbolic dessert of the capital. This brand of ice cream was established in 1958 – over 50 years until now. There are various flavors that you can choose. The queue of people lining in front of the store will speak volume about its quality. The price is very cheap and worthy of an experience eating ice cream with local people.

This brand is more than 50 years old Instagram: phuongphuong171997

Address: 35 Trang Tien Street Opening time: 8 am to 10 pm

18. Snail noodle

If you want to try something different, this is a place for you to go. You can choose the size of the snails to eat with noodle: big or small. You do not need to afraid of the hygiene and food safety because before making this food, the snails had been immersed in the clear water in a long time to remove every dirt inside. Because the clever process to make food, it is very clean and tasty.

The first choice for your meal Instagram: d.huong.256

Address: 16 Dang Dung street Opening time: 6 am to 2 pm

19. spare rib porridge

This dish is made from rice and spare rib. The ribs are stewed in a few hours, after that, they will use the broth that stewing the ribs to cook rice. The rice is cooked until it becomes porridge. The spare ribs will be put on the porridge. It is a dish that you should not miss in cold weather.

A delicious taste in a cold day Instagram: ranbeo

Address: 2A Ly Quoc Su street Opening time: 3 pm to 5:30 pm

20. Green sticky rice:

If you are seeking for a present to bring back to your country, green rice will be on the top of the suggestion. This is the gift from the paddy field that will tell you the story about our country and our culture. With green rice, you can make many different kinds of food. This is the seasonable dessert in the North of Vietnam

The present from the paddy field Instagram: zibe.e

Address: Vong Village, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay district

Đăng bởi: Đoàn Thị Nhài

Từ khoá: Where to eat in Hanoi: top 20 places to eat in Hanoi for first time visitors

The Best Time To Visit Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is one of the most mysterious and fascinating destinations in Vietnam. It encompasses a large portion of southeastern Vietnam of 39,000 km2. The region covered by water depends on the season.

To explore the Mekong, there are many options for visitors. You can cruise along mangrove-lined riverways, or cycle under the coconut palms or experience the real life of locals at a homestay – whichever experience you’re for, be prepared to enjoy every moment until the last second. With the beauty of fruit orchards, rice fields, and hospitable people, Mekong Delta has no shortage of things to explore for visitors.

So when to visit Mekong River Delta for the best vacation? Refer our guide on Mekong Delta weather and best time to visit Mekong Delta.


Mekong Delta Weather Overview

The climate in Mekong Delta is affected by both the southwest and northeast monsoons. Mekong Delta weather is hot all year round with the temperatures fluctuating between 25 and 28°C. There are a few days of the year that the temperature in the delta is below 20°C .

In general, there are two seasons in the Mekong Delta: the dry season and the rainy one. Wet season floods and dry season saline intrusion are two of the main hydrologic problems of the Delta. These also affected to travel experiences of tourists.

Below we go into details to see what pros and cons of visiting Mekong Delta in each season.

1. The dry season (November to April)

The dry season lasts from November to April, with February to May time being a little bit hotter and more humid, with less, even nearly no rain. Dry season isconsidered as the preferred travel time.

During this season, the flow in the Mekong River is insufficient to prevent saline intrusion and extensive salinization of waterways happens in the lower Delta. The entire Ca Mau peninsula in the southwest area of the Delta is salinized for about 6 months during dry months because there is insufficient freshwater flow in the river to displace saline intrusion from the southwestern area of the Delta.

2. The Rainy Season (May to early November)

The wet or rainy season lasts from May to early November, with July and August having the highest rainfall level of the whole chúng tôi rain comes in short but heavy showers, happens mostly in the afternoon and just lasts for one hour or so.

It is said that the climatic factors of the area are very suitable for developing almost all types of agriculture. The weather is great for intensification and cultivation. Even during the wet season from May to early November, Mekong Delta can be visited too.

Month High/Low (°C) Rain

January 33°/ 18° 0 days

February 34°/ 18° 1 days

March 36°/ 24° 8 days

April 35°/ 24° 14 days

May 35°/ 26° 27 days

June 34°/ 25° 13 days

July 32°/ 24° 22 days

August 30°/ 23° 24 days

September 30°/ 22° 20 days

October 32°/ 22° 10 days

November 31°/ 20° 2 days

December 31°/ 17° 0 days

Mekong Delta weather by month

What is the Best Time to Visit Mekong Delta?

As a general rule, the peak and low season in Mekong Delta is determined by seasonal weather.

1. Visiting Mekong Delta in Peak Season (October to February)

Dry season seems to be the peak season in Mekong Delta. And,the best time to visit Mekong Delta is from October to February, when the weather remains mostly pleasant. During this time, the region is beautiful with lush sky, various vegetable types and calm rivers, and most beaches and other places of tourist interest are packed with visitors, and it is easy to see why.

One can expect very pleasant daytime temperatures of 28°C, dropping by 3-4 degrees at night time. The humidity is less, making it the best time to explore the region. From January to February, the flowers in the Delta are in full bloom. It rarely rains during these months.

The chaotic life in the delta is laced by water and season. It is most vibrant in the late months of the dry season with different types of fruits and flowers. That will be the best time to visit the region, in particular, and other sites nearby like Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam, in general.

It will probably be hot and humid during June to September, yet this weather condition will give a diversity of tropical fruits and flowers.

During the high season, there are many attractions and events. The regular attractions around Mekong Delta will be very busy with tourists, so try to book tours and activities ahead of time as well.

2. Visiting Mekong Delta in Low Season (March to September) 3. Visiting Mekong Delta in “Floating Season” (August to October)

“Floating season” in Mekong Delta, when the weather level is rising and the rivers and canals expands, takes place from the 7th to the 9th lunar month of the year.

The annual floodwaters carry a huge amount of nutrient-rich alluvium to the farmland and provide lots of fish, shrimp as well as other aquatic species. It also marks the beginning of tourist season in Mekong delta.

If you are a foodie, then floating season is a good time for you to taste various dishes made from the signature veggies and herbs of the season, including hot pot of Linh fish and Dien Dien flowers, tiny shrimp, crispy Linh fish fried with Dien Dien flowers.

4. Visiting Mekong Delta During Festivals

When you are deciding on when to go to Mekong Delta, it is worth taking a look at the calendar of annual festivals, so that you could perhaps plot them on your trip itinerary.

The most important festival in Vietnam and also in Mekong Delta is Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. It lasts for 07days sometime between the last week of January and the 3rd week of February. On this occasion, family members gather to celebrate and there is a typical party-like atmosphere in the cities, including Mekong Delta region, with colorful decorations adorning most streets, glorious fireworks displays filling the sky and the scent of incense floating in the air.

There are some famous Mekong Delta festivals, namely:

Ba Chua Xu Festival: from the 23rd to 27th of April on the lunar calendar),

Ok-Om-Bok Festival (aka Moon Offering Festival): on the 15th of October in the lunar calendar,

Chol Chnam Thmay Feitival (The New Year Holiday of Khmer people): in the mid-April in the solar calendar,

Binh Thuy Temple Festival: on the 14th and 15th of December in the lunar calendar

Whale Festival: on the 9th and 10th of January in the lunar calendar

Coconut Offering Festival: on the 15th of February in the lunar calendar

Cow Racing Festival: from August 19th to September 1st in the lunar calendar

The Mekong River delta in Vietnam is a unique region featured with typical tropical weather. Knowing in detail about weather through our Mekong Delta Weather Guide and Best Time to Visit Mekong Delta will help you prepare the best for your trip.

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